2017 April Girl of the Month, Theia Sky 

SL Confidential is delighted to announce that Theia Sky is Girl of the Month for April. She is fast becoming one of the most sought after models in Second Life, and a pretty damn good photographer to boot. Theia happily agreed to attend the SLC offices for an interview, as well as bringing a selection of her own photographic work with her. The text of the interview is set out below.

Naught: Hi Theia and welcome to SL Confidential. Tell us all how you found out about Second Life in the first place?

Theia: I saw a documentary on Second Life several years ago and decided to check it out. I had no idea of the sexual nature of SL and boy was I surprised!

Naught: What kind of things did you do in SL in those early days?

Theia: In the early days I did a lot of sim hopping and exploring. It took me forever before I made any friends but eventually I did and enjoyed live music and going to see dance shows. I eventually discovered the sexy side of SL and spent some time as a voice escort and stripper.

Naught: I understand you like live music and burlesque Theia? Have you ever performed live yourself – music and burlesque that is?

Theia: I have performed in shows before. I performed quite a bit in shows and then took a long break and when I came back I did some escorting and stripping and wrote for that magazine SL After Dark, which was published by Samual Wetherby. Sadly it’s no longer going, its been taken down.

Naught: I remember SL After Dark and Sam – he gave me my first break in magazine writing. If I remember right you had a video in there of you dancing and stripping – did you do any photo-shoots for the magazine as well?

Theia: Yes I did do that strip video and Sam used me for a lot of his ads – I did escort back then so he used me for adverts to promote his magazine.

Naught: How did you get started in SL porn?

Theia: When I was working as a stripper, I met and spent a lot of time with a guy that was into photography and he eventually started to photograph us in more intimate settings. I LOVED him capturing our sexy, hot moments together.

Naught: What has been the highlight of your porn career so far?

Theia: I cannot say – I have not really broken out in the porn industry yet. I do enjoy taking my own sexy, erotic pictures but I have not posed for many porn photographers. I have taken and enjoyed a few shots with Igor Romanov. I enjoy seeing his work and have been friends for some time now. I LOVE looking at everyone’s sexy pictures.

Naught: Theia, how would you like to do some picture story work for SLC magazine?

Theia: Sure…do you want me to write as well as pose? I would love to do both, in fact I’d be honoured to.

Naught: What else do you do in SL, aside from your porn work, any other hobbies?

Theia: I enjoy sexy role play sims when I have free time and I love finding good live musicians and sexy burlesque shows. I also love all the creative sides of SL and have been enjoying learning to make poses.

Naught: Have you got any pieces of work lined up at the moment? Other than this and the picture stories I just offered you of course.

Theia: I have been eyeing a few sexy men I would like to do a few shoots with, and possibly a short erotic video with also.

And there you have it readers, Theia Sky is looking for a few sexy men to shoot with and she’s remaining tight lipped about who those lucky guys might be – for now at least. If I get my way you’ll be seeing her in action with them in our magazine :)  

All interview photos by Kay Windstorm, self images by Theia.