2017 April Man of the Month, Igor Romanov

Igor is well known in the porn community as an excellent model, photographer, and fun person to be around.  I was happy when Naught told me he was a member of SL Confidential. Get to know a bit more about Igor below....

Kay: Welcome to the SL Confidential studios Igor!
Igor: Thank you so much for hosting me today.

Kay :Our readers would love to know the history of you in SL and why you came here.
Igor: Oh gosh. I had a real life friend who came here that I had known for a long time and it just came up in discussion one day so she told me how to open an account and I did.

Kay: Smiles, along with your porn work, I know you do photography, what else do you enjoy doing in SL?

Igor: Well I can’t say right now that I really have much porn work outside of photography. Right now photography really is my creative expression here and something I really work at constantly. I do enjoy dancing, exploring new places and just general socializing with my friends.

Kay: I always love seeing different photographers in SL, styles and techniques can be so different, do you think you have a signature style?
Igor: Hmmm, I think that by now there may be people who recognize my work before noticing my watermark on it. I had a follower that I met in world one time and he asked me why I don’t “change it up” more in between shots. I certainly think I grow from shoot to shoot in capturing what I want, so in that regard it changes. However, I’m really just after one thing so all of these experimental effects I see don’t interest me much, unless they help me achieve that one thing.

Kay: The SL porn community has such a wealth of talented people, who do you think has made the biggest impact on your career here?
Igor: Oh wow. I’m beholden to so many people for so many things. As far as photography goes, it was definitely Laura Richards who inspired me in terms of achieving a level of photo realism within Second Life. Racheal Rexen was the first person I ever met in world through Flickr and the first who offered to shoot me for her own work. (This was before I knew anything about or belonged to any erotic photography groups in SL.) Partee was definitely instrumental in pushing me to be involved in that community and genuinely wanted my very fledgling work to be seen. Katina and Ali Lancrae have been extremely encouraging along the way as well.

Kay: Is there anyone you’d like to work with that you haven’t yet?
Igor: Hmmm. Movie makers are free to contact me. (smile)

Kay: Do you have any upcoming projects you’d like to tell us about ?
Igor: Oooh. Right now I’m kind of in between major projects. I’d like to find the right kind of magazine again where I can collaborate and present material, but other than that, it tends to change from moment to moment for me. I shoot went and what I want and if I don’t want to, I take a break.

Kay: What type of girls catch your eye as model material?

Igor: Pretty girls, glam girls, girl next door types, etc. Nothing against those with a much more “bad girl” look. I just find much more use from the former right now. I like girls that have something unique in their appearance, some things that makes them stand out from the droves of cookie cutter porn kittens who come and go. There are a number of women who I ‘broke” to the SL erotic community and am still introducing new faces. . A couple have gotten much more involved in porn and such. Some are content to maybe do their own photography, erotic or not. Some have been quite clear to others that they are not interested in anyone else shooting them in that way except me, so I take it very seriously that they trust me in how I will present them. All that being considered, I like working with woman that I can be friends with, so social compatibility and comfort is very nice.

Kay: Naught and I are very glad you agreed to be part of the SL Confidential family, having people like you in this group is a huge asset. Thanks for stopping by to see me today, and I”m looking forward to working with you soon!
Igor: Thank you again for having me. (smiles)