December Girl Of the Month,                 Trinitie Koray 

Trinitie, aka Trinitie Koray, is a staple in the porn community.  We've only chatted a bit in the SLC chat, so Kay and I decided we needed to get her sexy ass over to the SLC office and get to know her a bit better.  If you see her photos in Flickr, you'll understand why that body causes temperatures to rise, so what better month to have her as a Girl Of The Month than December?  Enjoy getting to know Trin here, and perve her flickr at the end of this page...

Naught- Hi Trinitie, welcome to SLC!
Trin - Hi Naught, thank you, I'm happy to be here.

Naught- How did you find out about the SL virtual world?
Trin- I was brought over from another virtual world by an ex bf. I left him but not SL *laughs*

Naught-What did you do in SL in those early days?
Trin- Learned my way around and fiddled with my av. I've always thought that if you care enough to keep yourself kept up, it will spill into the rest of your life. Happy begets happy. I also spent a lot of time at a sim that no longer is there, but they took me in and encouraged me to be myself.

Naught-How did you get started in SL porn?
Trin- Ryu Quasimodo actually suggested it. He told me about it how to get started, and what to do to be noticed.

Naught- What made you start doing photography here?
Trin- I've been doing raw photos in a virtual world or other for over 15 years.

Naught- Aside from the porn photo you do, what else do you enjoy taking pictures of on the grid?
Trin- I love to take landscapes of beautiful and interesting sims.

Naught- How do you think you've changed here since you started, aside from your avatar?
Trin- I feel I have grown as a person, I am much more tolerant and open to new things. And my text rp has gotten much much better!!

Naught- Care to tell us a bit more about your rping?
Trin-  I started out only rp'n sex stuff cuz I'm good at that. Lately I've been going more to a full on story rp. Not sure what I'm going to like but I do know I am enjoying the explorations. That and of course I'm not stopping my sexual rp, that is still tons of fun!!

Naught- What are your favorite sims to visit?
Trin- Bluemood....It isn't huge but the owners change the landscaping per season. Surfer's Bay. and Bella Pace. To rez you have to join the group but it is a beautiful sim with old Italian style villas and ruins.

Naught-What has been the highlight of your porn career so far?
Trin- Actually a fashion shoot Partee Mytili did for Attention Magazine... I was in the 1 year anniversary edition.

Naught-What else do you do in sl, aside from your porn work and photography, any other sl hobbies?
Trin- I'm a gacha addict... I DJ just cuz I love it. And I love madpea hunts *laughs*
Naught-  You sound like Kay, except she loves doing ANY kind of shopping!

Naught- What, or who, has been the biggest influence on your development in porn?
Trin- What would be Bento ,and a who would definitely be Midnight Shinja, he is always giving me advice and pushing me to expand my portfolio in many ways. I like to say he shows the many faces of Trin.

Naught-Have you got any big pieces of work lined up at the moment? If so can you tell us what's involved?
Trin- Well I've been kicking around the idea of a calendar.. but that will be a big piece. I'm talking with Riska about that.

Naught-Is there anything you haven't achieved yet that you'd really like to do?
Trin- I have yet to be in a movie.

Naught- Thanks for coming to visit the office Trinitie, we really enjoy having you here as a part of the SLC family!
Trin- Thank you for having me!! It was a pleasure *smiles*