2017 February Girl of the Month,

Laura Demonista

The famous, and sometimes infamous, Laura Demonista visited our office for my first sit down interview with her.  Laura is famous in the photography and porn communities.  Her sexy, inventive, and erotic images are popular all over the grid.  We get to know this stunning woman a bit better in his interview...

Naught: Hi Laura, welcome to SL Confidential’s office!.

Laura: Hi. Its a pleasure to be here.

Naught: So, for those readers who don’t know how did you find out about Second Life in the first place?

Laura: It was a friend of mine who told me about this virtual world where you can do just ANYTHING. I was intrigued about doing anything so I found it, logged in, never logged back out again.

Naught: You’ve been in SL a long time now Laura, what did you do in SL in those early days?

Laura: I did a bit of everything in the early days. I was even a vampire queen for a while. Then I realized how silly it was and ran away. I discovered the pink and blue balls early in my time here. Oh how I loved those balls. I was an escort, stripper, I was just about everything you can think of. Then I discovered Gor and spent close to five years being a silly panther person.

Naught: Most people start their Second Life outside the porn world, how did you become involved?

Laura: Well, firstly, I don’t really think I am in the porn world, as such. If I am, I am on the very far edge of it. This is not any sort of snobbery from me. Merely that I don’t feel like I have made any significant contribution to SL porn. Most of what I do is not really pornography. I prefer to think of it as erotica. And no, I cannot tell you the difference!

The story behind me is either painfully cute or just plain painful. I had a partner back in the early days and I took a picture for her. She thought it looked really good and asked me to do one every day for her. So I did. Then I wanted them to be much better than snapshots and it all grew from there. The lovely Emmanuelle Jameson found me, asked me to photograph her and invited me to the sexiest group.

Naught: You’ve had an extensive career doing both photography and porn, what has been the highlight of your career so far?

Laura: There are too many. Possibly my proudest moment was being awarded the Lifetime Achievement trophy at the Sexiest awards. That was so unexpected. I was so proud, so pleased and so surprised.

From a working point of view… far too many to list without inadvertently missing someone important out. The first movie I was part of was made by the cuddly rascal, Thorgal, and I am forever grateful that he selected me to play my part. It opened my eyes to just how much work goes into these productions. I should also mention the truly wonderful Marika who also gave me a part in one of her movies. But I can go on and on with a list of photographers. So many great people creating so many great shots.

Naught: Tell me more about your picture taking, and what you said about taking a daily picture for your early partner. Do you focus more on what a picture will say to your intended audience or do you take it mainly because you like it yourself?

Laura: Its a mixture of both, really. Sometimes, I just take a simple glamour picture. no message, no tale to tell. Sometimes, I have something to say and try to say it., I have to like it before it gets seen. I figure if I like it some other people will.

Naught: Sounds good – do you think there’s any commonality – common ground – between erotic and explicit? I use explicit instead of porn as you seem not to favour the term.

Laura: I think the line between the to is incredibly blurred. How do you define each in separate terms. Pornography, according to one definition, is an image designed to cause arousal in the viewer. Can the same not be equally said about erotica? I created a picture once that had all the elements of pornography in it yet I cannot look at it in this light. Shall I show you the one I mean?

Naught: Yes please!

Laura: The erection, the act itself, the semen dripping down. That SHOULD be porn. I just cannot see it as porn I think my favourite comment on the difference was that erotica has better lighting.

Naught: I’d agree with that, sometimes the brightness of a light fails to capture a mood properly – although it does help you see the veins under the skin better. 

Laura: Actually, the best definition I have heard still doesn’t quite delineate the two, porn and erotica. “When you are no longer required to engage your imagination, it becomes porn”.

Naught: So you’re happy to consider that erotica and pornography can be fused together if the right amount of skill is applied?

Laura: Absolutely. And I think they should be. The sexual act can be beautiful and intimate. And since the sexual act is the basis of porn, why not show it that way too? I am romanticizing it. Sometimes you just need a good hard fuck.

Naught: Where do you stand on the use of themes? By that I mean do you prefer to have a theme behind your erotic shot or can it be just as good being random?

Laura: Again, I have done both. I have an in-world gallery where I try to create series of work with a common thread. I think a collection works brilliantly as an exhibit but each image in the collection SHOULD stand up on its own. I prefer the individual shot, if I am honest. My mind moves at an alarming rate at times. I can be halfway through a picture and get so impatient because two or three more ideas are demanding to be dealt with.

Naught: If you had to choose one thing that is designed to raise the erotic temperature of any picture, what might that be?

Laura: I think the mainstay of erotica is the simple black stocking. The unsung hero and the instantly recognizable sign that this is erotic.

Naught: I have to agree with that, if for no other reason that the sight of you wearing them is potent enough to raise the dead!

Laura: At least I wouldn’t have trouble getting them stiff!

Naught: What technical aspect would you like to see developed that doesn’t already exist, to make your shots easier to set up and take?

Laura: Now that’s tough one- I mentioned the mesh body, the bento head. We have things like Lumipro which are brilliant. Possibly a little more flexibility in movement for posing. I think the bento body will be with us soon and the possibilities for that are amazing. I feel I need to point out that I don’t want easier. better, yes. I prefer the challenge.

Naught: Most everyone knows you for your amazing photography work, but what else do you do in SL, aside from your porn work, any other SL hobbies?

Laura: The main thing that gives me the biggest buzz I have ever had in SL is my dance troupe, Debauche. I say MY dance troupe. Its far from being only mine. So much credit goes to Severina who drives me, urges me, encourages me, works so closely with me. Debauche is most definitely OURS, not mine. We choreograph dance routines, perform amazing shows for appreciative audiences and it really is such a buzz, I cannot describe it. Our goal is to be the best dance troupe in SL. We have a long way to go but we will get there.

Naught: What has been the biggest influence on your development as a porn star?

Laura: There you go with that porn star again! The biggest influence for me is the mesh body. First it was Wowmeh…. I miss my Wowmeh… then the Maitreya Lara. That really revolutionized the industry and gave us a realism that I love. I almost always aim for realism and I never even came close before the mesh body. Now its the bento head. We are constantly developing, reaching and embracing new technology to really enhance what we do and I love that.

Naught: Have you got any big pieces of work lined up at the moment? If so can you tell us what’s involved?

Laura: Actually, I have. And this kind of spoils my claim of not being a porn star. I have just been hired as a main character in the totally mind-blowing Revenge series by Carly Morrisey. If you haven’t seen it, you should. The quality is beyond anything I have ever seen. And she cast me in this main character! I really have such a small amount of experience in this level of movie-making but I always believe if you agree to do a job then you do that job to the very best of your abilities. My head is still spinning and I cannot wait to get started on the filming.

Naught: Is there anything you haven’t achieved yet that you’d really like to do?

Laura: Oh so many things! I am still chasing that perfect picture. I would love to try my hand at movie making one day. It frightens me at the moment but I may yet face that fear. I would love to work with so many brilliant photographers. You know, porn people are amongst the loveliest people I ever met in SL. So my real ambition is to always be a part of such a wonderful group of people.

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