February 2017 Man of the Month, Bane W Caedus

This month’s featured SL Confidential member is Bane, aka nymale69.  He stopped at the SLC office so I could interview him, and I did a few sexy shots while we were chatting.  Enjoy!!!

Kay: Welcome to SL Confidential headquarters Bane!
Bane: Thanks for having me over!!

Kay: Some of our readers may know you from the porn chats and Flickr, some may not. Please tell them about yourself in case they aren’t familiar with your work.
Bane: Not much to tell i pride myself in being professional during photo and video shoots whether i am modeling acting or taking the photos.

Kay: Bane, I’ve seen your works in flickr, tell the readers more about your style and what you want to accomplish in the porn world?
Bane: I would say my style is eclectic and really i got into porn to begin with to have fun, so I like a variety of styles and themes in shoots .

Kay: So, what is your favorite aspect of doing porn?
Bane: Modeling for others and having them see me differently than I shoot myself.

Kay: Do you have any favorite models you’ve worked with? Anyone you want to that you haven’t yet?
Bane: No favorites i have enjoyed working with all the models i have worked with. their are a few i would like to work with, such as the original Hobb’s Hotties and Miss Emily.

Kay: Other than porn, is there anything else you enjoy doing here in SL?
Bane: I like to go dancing to the beach and recently i met someone who isnt in porn who owns her own clothing store she is a designer i am doing promo shots for her.

Kay: Are there any last words you have for our readers you want them to know about you?
Bane: If there is anything you want to know about me just ask i wont lie to anyone i see no reason to lie what you see with me here is what ya get in RL as well.