2017 January Girl of the Month,

 Britney Fairlady

A warm welcome to our first Girl of the Month for 2017 – Miss January, the delectable Britney Fairlady! My wife Kay Windstorm (who is also Editor of this magazine) insisted I chose Britney to launch our New Year properly. Kay is a massive fan of Britney and was surprised I hadn’t met her before. Being the dutiful and wise husband that I am, I wasted no time in setting up an interview with Britney in a local bar…

Naught: So how are you feeling Brit? Are you up for being interviewed for SL Confidential?

Britney: Sure Naught, I’m really excited to be doing this.

Naught: That’s good – otherwise it’d be a short encounter lol!

Britney: (giggles) You can ask me to pose any way you like while Kay takes our photographs.

Naught: Thanks Brit, I was going to mention that but you beat me to it. So tell me about how you first got into Second Life?

Britney: I found out about SL through one of my girlfriends who’d already joined. She told me how much fun it was so I decided to try it by joining her in here. I really got straight into the SL life but my girlfriend clearly didn’t so much – she quit after a short while but I’m still here.

Naught: So she hadn’t got into it anywhere near as much as you did?

Britney: No it was a fad I guess, for her but I was hooked fast. I love it here still after all this time.

Naught: Which is lucky for us that you that you decided to stay.

Britney: Why thank you kind sir!

Naught: You’re welcome – so next question is about your early days activities – I understand you had connections with something called bloodlines? Can you say a bit more about that?

Britney: Well I got introduced to bloodline early – I didn’t know much about anything and was pulled into that world. It was fun but seemed based on getting people to let you bite them – to get their souls and stuff.

Naught: So bloodlines is a vampire thing?

Britney: Yes but got boring so I decided to find other things to do.

Naught: Tell us about the other things – I’m assuming you mean porn related stuff?

Britney: That’s right, I’d decided to try out becoming a model and put out cards inviting people to work with me. I did some work with Marcus Strong, which then got noticed by Isa Cheviot. She asked me to do a pictorial for Dogstar Productions which was amazing. I guess you could say that was the pinnacle of my working in SL porn at that time.

Naught: So Brit, I hear you like to shop and take pictures? What are your favourite things to shop for, and how’s the photography coming along?

Britney: Omg! I absolutely love shopping, especially for Blueberry and Dirty Princess! Those two are my favorite brands, although I do shop for many others.

Naught: And the photography hobby, how’s it coming and who is giving you the most hints and tips?

Britney: I try hard but there’s a lot to it, although it is fun. I pick up tips from all the photographers I work with, they know so much more than me. I do a lot of Flickr watching and I take a little from each picture I see there. I am just learning it as a hobby really.

Naught: I understand you’re open to offers of work right now, and video is something you’d like to do? What are your limits in doing porn related shoots?

Britney: I really have no limits as far as shoots go. I am open to any one that would like to do a photo shoot with me: I just love posing for hot shots. 

Naught: Britney thank you, its been a real pleasure talking to you. Maybe you’d care to stay around and pose with me here for a while?

Britney: (grinning and stepping closer) I thought you’d never ask…