July’s Man of the Month, Larry Vinaver

Larry is a fixture on the porn scene in SL.  He’s won many awards, knows most of the community, and is very well respected.  I finally had a chance to drag Larry over to our offices (not literally, laughs) and finally talk to the legend himself. Laura Richards joined us to do the office photos for this visit, see her amazing shots mixed with some of Larry’s favorites here.  His flickr link will be attached to the bottom of this interview.

Kay: Welcome to the offices of SL Confidential Larry!

Larry: Thank you, Kay, it’s a great pleasure and honour for me to be here, I am a great fan of the magazine :-))

Kay: So Larry,  how did you get the nickname “The Godfather of SL Porn”?

Larry: Hahaha…I must confess that was self induced to a great degree after much influence from outside admirations of great movies:-)) I am generally known in this profession as ‘the stache’ or ‘Uncle Larry’ by most, nothing as grand as ‘Godfather’ ..I wish lol :) 

Kay: How did you find out about SL in the first place?

Larry: I saw a feature about it in a newspaper and thought I would see what it was all about, so I signed in with my first avi. A few months later I created Larry, and he became the main.

Kay: What did you do in SL in those early days?

Larry: When I first started I helped run a lap dancing club with a danish girl,called Juggs and Strokers which eventually folded after a year due to RL commitments for us both. The rest of the time I just visited a few places and had fun partying, and I joined a few groups.

Kay: How did you get started in SL porn?

Larry: I was quite lucky to join the SL Porn group on the recommendation of a friend in the group; I loved beach parties and they all seemed a very friendly group. I started to attend regularly and my ‘look’ gained a little notoriety ; ‘man with mustache and medallion’ , aka ‘boogie nights’ etc. I might have looked like a cliched porn star though. I got an initial ‘audition’ with Partee at a Saturday party . I think that is what got me noticed.  I also appeared in an Aroused magazine shoot and a movie that subsequently got me hired for a role as an extra for ‘Legs Wide Spread’..The roles after that seemed to come after that and has led to 44 movies and 4 Golden cock awards.

Kay: What has been the highlight of your porn career so far Larry?

Larry: I think it was working on a feature length movie called ‘Stepford Sluts’, it was the first major feature length movie in SL that involved a who’s who of SL porn stars. We had great fun working together to produce a groundbreaking effort, it won Erin Cedarbridge, and Club E, a Golden Cock award. I just loved the teamwork involved. I was also proud the following year to receive the best actor award.

Kay: What else do you do in sl, aside from your porn work, any other hobbies?

Larry: I have a keen range of interests, apart from the obvious motorcycles at the various tracks and my cars.   I am a keen follower of SL fashion, in fact I compile notes and take pictures for my flickr site. That indulges my love of sl photography with its enhancements which wins many views and faves.

Kay: What has been the biggest influence on your development as a porn star?

Larry: Miss Emily’s Studio and her sci fi series ‘Intergalactic Sluts’ has really become a major influence as it has a big cult following growing and has kept me in the SL public eye whenever I go out . I am always recognised by somebody and I am delighted by that!

Kay: Have you got any big pieces of work lined up at the moment? If so can you tell us what’s involved?

Larry: Well I have a movie I am working on with P&C productions (Alex Topaz-Rodgers) in which I have a ‘teaching’ role and thats all I can say about that. Other work includes an upcoming movie with Cummtasia Productions TBC as well as a project with Waif Ah set for later this summer.

Kay: Is there anything you haven’t achieved yet that you’d really like to do?

Larry: I would like to assist in writing reviews and blogs which is a realisable project for the future.

Kay: What type of writing specifically?

Larry: i like writing about fashion ( male variety) , recent events, or humor column type.

Kay: It’s been great having you over Larry, I hope you like the SLC office, is there anything else you’d like our readers to know?

Larry: It is indeed a wonderful looking office, Kay; my compliments :-)) I would just like to point out that all my achievements in SL would not have been possible without the amazing people here that made it all happen.  I can never repay that , only with my gratitude and thanks :-))