Man of the Month for June, Jimbo20000 Quan

This month I have the pleasure of introducing my friend, and fellow porn star, Jim. He’s not very active in the chat groups, but has experience in both still and video porn. He’s a sweetheart, very shy sometimes but a good person when you spend time talking to him.  His flickr link is at the bottom of the page, go take a look at some of his photos and the porn work he’s done.

Kay: Welcome to SLC’s office Jim!
Jim: Thank you Kay. I am extremely excited to be here.

Kay : Our readers would love to know the history of you in SL and why you came here.
Jim: Well, to tell you the truth, I never knew about SL until I met a person on another 3D virtual world and she told me all about SL. At first, it was quite a challenge for me since I knew nothing about this world and how to start living it and playing on it. I am the type of person who is quite independent, and like to do things on my own or learn to do them as I dip my feet into unknown waters. But ultimately, I gradually got guidance from all of the acquaintances I have come across on my SL exploration and got good tips. The reason why I came to SL was mostly curiosity and the opportunity to explore this ever changing, interesting, and expansive world.

Kay: Looking back on your early SL days, what did you do here and what were your favorite sims?
Jim: When I first joined, I was curious about everything that SL had to offer. I enjoyed exploring SIMs and being amazed at such creativity that people had in creating a fantasy world. Other times, I would just go to beaches to relax after a hard day’s work in RL, LOL. I know it is not real, but SL is all about imagination and the mind is a powerful tool.. Last but not least, sex is a big thing in SL as everyone can attest to that.  So I have to admit, I spent time exploring that side of SL and the various sex themed SIMs.

Kay: It’s always interesting to discover why people get into porn, why did you?
Jim: SL Porn is a way to channel my sexual fantasies and it provides many opportunities for an individual like myself to indulge in it.

Kay: Smiles, along with your porn work, you are a beginning photographer, which is great, but what else do you enjoy doing in SL?
Jim: I just started doing photography and as you can see by my photos, I am not even close to the many talented photographers in SLC and all of SL as well. I also like to explore SL, meet friends along my travels and just hangout. My RL background is in computer programming so I wanted to start doing some scripting work as well but time and I guess laziness are getting the best of me. smiling.

Kay: What has been the highlight of your porn career so far?
Jim: I really can’t pinpoint on any single event that is the highlight so far but I do want to say and give my gratitude to CC Anton for giving me the opportunity to star in my first porn video. She was sweet and great to work for and I will forever be grateful to her for the opportunity.

Kay: Are you working on anything at the moment, pornwise?
Jim: Right now, I am just on call whenever I am needed to do a video shoot and I am always looking for opportunities from other directors so I do need to keep my ears open when those opportunities come up, lol. Kay, if you know of any directors who are looking for available bodies, let me know :)

Kay: It was great having you over Jim, I can’t wait to get more of the porn community to see you, I”m so glad you joined SLC!!!! Thanks for making the time to come do our interview.
Jim: Thank you for having me over, Kay. I have to say it has been a wild and interesting ride so far and I look forward to many exciting things in the future.