2017 March Girl of the Month, Claudia Thorr

Claudia Thorr interview at SLC Studios – main pictures by Laura Demonista

Naught:  Hello Claudia, thank you very much for becoming our March Girl of the Month. I know the readers will want to find out more about you so tell me, how did you find out about Second Life in the first place?

Claudia: I saw a story about it on a current affairs program way back when and it sounded interesting, I went online, found the website, created an account and so began the adventure.

Naught: What did you do in SL in those early days?

Claudia: I blundered around for a few hours wondering what it was all about.*laughs*. Luckily I met a couple of really helpful people who sorted me out with some free stuff to help my avie look better, because I’d look around and see good looking avies and wonder how do I get to look like that? This was way before mesh by the way and SL was still on viewer 1……..ancient history. Eventually I realised I needed to spend some money to get a really good look, which is what I did. Hopefully it’s paid off. Aside from that it was just exploring, going to different sims, following my nose and seeing where it led me. I also got shagged on my very first day, which wasn’t part of the plan!.

Naught: (Grins and winks) So how did you get started in SL porn?

Claudia: Shartan Silverstar of Sultry spotted me in a club, it was most likely Blackcats. He asked me if I modelled, I said no, and he said would I like to? I said sure then he explained it would be nude and erotic, to which I said was fine with. Of course he said there would be an audition process first, and I knew what that involved, but I was cool with that, and I passed and my porn career was under way.

Naught: What has been the highlight of your porn career so far?

Claudia: Well, my career as such has been pretty sporadic and what work I have done has mostly been with Sultry. I’ve been a calender girl with them for 2 years running, and in most of their magazines for the last few years. Getting picked up by SLC is a highlight, I like that it creates networks and contacts in the industry. I’d like to do a lot more work that I currently do. So just getting an opportunity is a highlight really, I’m so grateful to those who give me a chance.

Naught: What has been the biggest influence on your development as a porn star?

Claudia: Firstly it would be Shartan Silverstar, he gave me my first break in the industry, so big thanks to him. Secondly it would be you, Naught. By setting up SLC and getting me on board early it’s created a wider audience and network within the industry for me to connect with, so a big thank you, Naught.

Naught: Do you find the experience of being in front of camera erotic or is it just work?

Claudia: It’s a mixture of both. I’m very mindful that it’s a job and the photographer has a vision they are trying to create and I am part of that, but I also find it exciting as well.

Naught: What’s the most exciting shoot you’ve ever been on?

Claudia: It would be hard to say, I find them all exciting and I’ve not had the most extensive career, but I think it would be for the 2nd Chapter of Claudia’s Dangerous Game for SLC. It was in a convertible in a car park, I always find doing a shoot outdoors in public more arousing.

Naught: That’s a great link in to my next question, which is about your work in Dangerous Game. We’re getting close to completing chapter 3 and the other two are well established hits on Literotica website. Do you see yourself keeping the series going for a few more chapters?

Claudia: I see myself doing it for as long as the story can go on. I love the role and all the possibilities that can play out. And the feedback from the readers is also uplifting – it has been the most fun I’ve had modelling, I have to say.

Naught: Have you got any big pieces of work lined up at the moment? If so can you tell us what’s involved?

Claudia: No, nothing is lined up at the moment. I know with SLC that Chapter 3 of Claudia’s Dangerous Game is a work in progress, but other than that my calendar is free, so I’m open to any offers.

Naught: What else do you do in sl, aside from your porn work, any other sl hobbies?

Claudia: I dance and escort at the TAR club, so I do that a couple of times a week. Otherwise I just go out with friends, I shop and do things most do in SL. I’d love to learn how to create things, like taking photos, making clothing. It’d be so cool to have a fashion line, but I lack patience in learning how to make all that stuff.

Naught: Would you like to try your hand at porn video as well as straight up photographs?

Claudia: Sure, if the opportunity arose, I’d love to. I think it would be fun to do……I’ve not really chased down that avenue though.

Naught: And if the shoot involved multiple partners it wouldn’t put you off?

Claudia: No, that would make it more fun in my mind.

Naught: Do you have any favourite designers for the ones that you buy?

Claudia: there are many good designers out there, Blueberry, Hypnose, erratic, Thalia Heckroth, Just Because…….the list is long…….as you might tell, I’m a shopaholic…..

Naught: Is there anything you haven’t achieved yet that you’d really like to do?

Claudia: I’d like to try to get into the creative side of the industry, learn how to take great photos, be able to put together my own ideas and portray them to the world. But I am at my happiest in front of the camera, that is my first love.