2017 May Man of the Month, Argo Domenici

This month we feature Argosi Domenici, aka Argo. We met via the Sexiest Pornstars chat, he was looking for some photography tips in the group, and I told him about a nice winter themed place I could show him.  We took a set of nice photos together, chatted back and forth, and his photos are now a mainstay in the porn community.  Please enjoy his works at the provided link at the bottom of this page , and our conversation that follows.

Kay: Hi Argo, welcome to SL Confidential’s office!
Argo: Thank you Kay. I’m flattered to be here!

Kay: I’ve found that talking to people that they find this site in a variety of ways, how did you find out about Second Life?
Argo: I had heard about it in random places over the years. Articles, podcasts, and the like. They all focused on the possibilities of SL: business, education, technology changing the world. Out of sheer curiosity I decided to log in and and immediately hated it. After playing MMO’s with high detail graphics and blazing fast connections, SL just seemed third rate at best. But then I started talking to people and discovered the creative community side of SL, and became intrigued. It turned out that the people in SL are the real reason for being here. Like everyplace there are good ones and bad ones, but I’ve met more good ones.

Kay: What did you do in SL in those early days Argo?
Argo: Well mostly exploring and talking to people. But it didn’t take too long to find the seedier side of SL. I did all the usual noob mistakes, but found that people were mostly very nice about helping. Some explained RP sims to me and, being a life long gamers, those appealed to me. I wound up spending much of my time in a gay/bi prison RP called Bad Boys. My character started out as an inmate but was eventually promoted to deputy warden. That was a good place, but issues forced me to leave. I was absent from SL for a good while but eventually it drew me back.

Kay: How did you get started in the porn community?
Argo: Oddly enough it came about from a random hookup with a guy at a gym. He asked to take pics of our session and showed me his flick page. I was hooked immediately. Perving his groups in SL and flickr showed me just how wide a range of eroticism there is in SL, and just how many talented creators who express themselves sensually.

Kay: What has been the highlight of your porn career so far?
Argo: The most flattering thing so far is the first time I was asked to join a studio, which happened to be SL Confidential. My initial thought was ‘who me?’ and then it was a bit of shock. I’ve been invited to other studios, all excellent, but you never forget your first invite.

Kay: Smiles wide, we’re lucky to have you, and proud we were your virgin group, so to speak :)   I know you do photographer Argo, you and I worked together when we met in the Sexiest Pornstars chat, which do you think you enjoy most, porn or photos, and why?
Argo: I’m not sure I prefer one over the other. Both are appealing to me and as I learn more they’re converging. There’s an overlap between that that I’m trying to explore. Looking at dark and light in the photos lead me to thinking about the shadows that occur in sex and sensuality. Some of my more recent shoots try to delve into those gray areas; finding the borders.

Kay: What else do you do in sl, aside from your porn work, any other sl hobbies?
Argo: Well, I don’t RP much anymore, at least not long term RP. In general I enjoy chatting with a few close friends. Vince Brutali is a great friend and when we’re not solving the problems of the world, we’re playing games.

Kay: What has been the biggest influence on your development as a porn star?
Argo: Looking at the work of other people had been a big inspiration. There are so many talented photographers in SL, and I’ve been trying to study their work to understand how they do their lighting, sets, and composition. Learning from others drives a lot my development.

Kay: Are there people in the porn community you want to work with but haven’t had the opportunity to yet?
Argo: I’ve been incredibly lucky to have so many who are willing to work on my pics, or to invite me to theirs. If someone has a creative idea I’m happy to be there. So anyone in particular? Sure, all of them!

Kay: Is there anything you haven’t achieved yet that you’d really like to do, porn or non porn?
Argo: Absolutely there is. The biggest thing I’ve noticed in the porn community is a lack of gay or bi porn. As a bi guy, I enjoy working with women and men. It seems a shame to me that many will readily accept FF or FFM porn but shy away from the guys. I’d like to change that. There are several produces that I’ve spoken with who feel the same way. Getting more sexy male-male shots out there, and getting them accepted as sensual or erotic is a big goal of mine.

Kay: We are always happy to showcase anything you do Argo!  Thank you so much for joining our group and taking time to come interview with me, any last thoughts or comments for the readers here?
Argo: Well, thank you Kay for inviting me to your studio and making me the Man of the Month. It’s a real privilege. Also a big thank you to the readers and pornies who have encouraged my work. Your support is amazing and keeps me going!