October Man of the Month, TS Hawkins

This month we feature TS Hawkins, an excellent photographer, sexy model, and great person.  His work is soft and subtle, but visually stunning.  See his Flickr link for more photos at the bottom of the page, and enjoy his interview with me to get to know the man a bit more....

Kay: Welcome to the SLC office TS!
TS: Thank you Kay, it’s nice to be here.

Kay: Tell our readers a bit about you, starting with how you came to find Second Life.
TS: I guess it was about 11 years ago when I first heard about SL and I was really curious about it. My online gaming at the time was limited to Everquest at that point. So anyway, I created an account and decided I wanted to give this “new world” a test spin, LOL… what I didn’t realize at the time was that the system requirements were much greater than what my computer could handle. About 4 years ago I bought a decent computer and decided to try SL again. Wow… it was a lot different than what it was in the beginning. As far as myself goes, theres not a lot to tell. I am 48, and married to an amazing (and extremely sexy) woman in RL who just so also happens to enjoy being on SL too. In RL I’m a legal professional and manage a small law firm in the United States ,and on the side I work on weekends as a DJ in a strip club.

Kay: What types of sims did you visit when you first came to SL?
TS: The Western sims. I grew up out in Arizona so when I heard about Tombstone and some others, I jumped at the chance to visit and explore.

Kay: How did you come across the porn side of Second Life?
TS: My wife introduced me to it actually. We are both pretty open minded about certain things, and I guess it doesn’t hurt that we owned a Lingerie and “toy” store for about 10 years as well in RL. We love the erotic and sensual side of things. Plus on here we can indulge in certain fantasies without the consequences of what would happen in RL.

Kay: You do amazing photography work, did you just find this passion when you came to SL, or have you done real life photography as well?
TS: Once again I have to give credit to my wife. She’s the one who encouraged me to give photography a try. She helped me with WL settings and tips that she had learned from some great photographers here on SL. Of course it doesn’t hurt that I always wanted to do photography in RL as well. I dabbled in it but never really had the chance to truly get into it.

Kay: Where do you find the inspiration for your photos TS?
TS: A few of them are inspired by RL, things I have experienced or done in the past. Some are based on book covers of novels I have read, and others were inspired by some great photographers here on SL and in RL.

Kay: What else do you like to do when you log into SL?
TS: I love creating and trying to build things. I enjoy working in outside programs and trying to bring those items or textures into SL. One of the things I really have fun with is making poses. I guess I’m a little OCD because I will spend hours working on one and if it still isn’t what I want I’ll delete it and then start over another day.

Kay: Is there anything you’d like to do here that you haven’t already done?
TS: Oh absolutely. I’m going to keep that my little secret though... LOL

Kay: Are there any members of the porn community you’d like to shoot that you haven’t done already TS?
TS: Oh god yes. There are several models I would absolutely love to work with, including you.

Kay: Thank you so much for visiting our office today TS, we’re so glad to have you as part of the SLC staff!
TS: Actually I should be thanking you. I really am honored that you and SLC thought enough of my photographs to want me to a part of SLC.