2018 April Girl of the Month, Bibble Sugartooth

Bibble is a beautiful and talented member of SL Confidential.  Shes's a multitasker... model, photographer, and pose maker.  In our interview, you'll find out more detail about this gorgeous lady! 

Naught-  Welcome Bibble!  I"m glad we finally got you here so I could meet you!
Bibble-  Likewise! I'm glad to be here myself, hehe *smiles*

Naught- How did you come to discover SL?
Bibble- My friends brought me here to SL,  at first I thought it was just lame, but I soon came to realize I was wrong, I now quite enjoy SL alot!

Naught- Did you manage to get into any trouble here on the grid when you first came in?
Bibble- When I first came in no.. but after I got some friends... and close friends ahhh... well small drama, but that's all cleared up now, everything is peaceful. *makes peace sign* *laughs*

Naught- What did you do in SL in those early days?
Bibble- Mostly exploring... explored a lot of sims... stores... that kind of stuff, and just stood speechless at how much there was, I was actually in IMVU first .. but then SL overpowered that one.  Not going back, haha

Naught-  What came first, SL photography or pornography?
Bibble- SL photography, I later got interested in the pornography pictures, :)

Naught- How did you get started in SL porn? 
Bibble- Pffft..... can't really remember that well... ehhm.. my memories fail me in that one, so sorry Naught!

Naught- You do amazing photography work Bibble, do you do it in rl too?

Bibble-  Firstly, thank you so much for complementing on my photography work! Secondary, no, I don't do it in RL. I like taking pictures with my phone in rl of my family and friends, but nothing professional or anything.

Naught-  What made you want to create poses?  Did your photography have anything to do with it?

Bibble- Partly yes, the photography had to do something with it, but mostly it was because most poses out there are made for girls without a curvy body, like myself.   I'm curvy with some big hips and booty, and a big bust.... most poses are not made for those type of girls. So I thought to myself " I'm going to make my own poses for girls who are more curvy!".   I came up with a store name" Nevoir Poses" and from there I went into making poses for curvy girls.   Later on I started making some male's and couple poses. mostly erotic/adult :).

Naught-- What has been your favorite thing to do in SL, if you had to choose?

Bibble- Hanging out with friends at Surfers Bay, Surfers Bay is like my secondary home, and it's a lot of fun to be there.  It's like my most favorite place, second would be taking pictures... I really, really like to improve myself with my photography skills, and I will continue to do so hehe

Naught- As if you aren't busy enough... model, photographer, pose maker, what else do you do in sl, any other sl hobbies?
Bibble- Besides all those 3 things that I already do, ehm.. not that much if I'm not busy.  I am usually at Surfers Bay, it's really a great place to be, and I take my pictures there too, it's a great place for that!, But, uhm no..... those things:  modeling, photographing, and making poses for my store are what i do mostly in sl,  besides hanging out with my friends *smiles*.

Naught- What, or who, has been the biggest influence on your development as a porn star?
Bibble- Not really as a pornstar , but Tatiana Easterwood.  She does the most amazing work and i really envy her. I wish I was that good in Photoshop or Gimp, she's like the biggest influence on me :) i 100% love her work.

Naught- Have you got any big pieces of work lined up at the moment? If so can you tell us what's involved?
Bibble- No not really, I am planning to photograph one of my close friends, but for the rest,  no.*nods*

Naught- Is there anything you haven't achieved yet that you'd really like to do on the grid?
Bibble- Maybe be in a magazine or so I would love that.  But apart from that,  not really, I'm pretty good with what I have now, I am happy !

Naught-  It was great to finally meet you Bibble, I am a fan of your work, thanks for being a part of the SLC family!
Bibble- Really the pleasure was all mine, thanks for letting me meet you too Naught!.. I was almost gonna say Naughty... haha *coughs*, and I am really happy to be part of it!