February 2018 Girl of the Month, Debi Whitfield

Debi is one of the newer members of SL Confidential's modelling staff.  She's beautiful, intelligent, and has a wonderful presence.  We are proud to introduce you to Debi, and you can get to know her here!  

Naught-  Hi Debi, welcome to the SLC office!

Debi- Thank you.  It's wonderful to be here, and thank you for the opportunity.

Naught-  I know you are one of our newer models Debi, and we haven't gotten to talk much, so I"m hoping to learn about you with this interview too :)  
Debi- Wonderful....ask me anything you want to know. 

Naught-  One of the standard things we like to ask people is how they found Second Life, how did you come across it Debi?
Debi- Oh my....it's been a long time since day one....as I recall, it was the result of an afternoon of surfing the net, and i came across an ad, or a blog - something along those lines. 

Naught- What did you enjoy doing in your early SL days? 
Debi- Early on I discovered that if I wanted to shop (which I really enjoy), I needed to have a job that would earn L's...so I started dancing in clubs.  Ultimately, this led to more than just dancing.....*giggles*

Naught-  What areas of the grid do you enjoy exploring when you're logged in?

Debi- I move around quite a bit, with a variety of interests...I've played everywhere from the Amazon to Serenity Lost, Surfer's Bay to Teqi's and Mysterium.  Many of the places I get to now are a result of modeling locations.

Naught-  What made you want to get into the world of Second Life porn?

Debi- It was after a chance meeting with someone in the Serenity Lost sim....they suggested that I had a very nice look and would be a good model...I ended up getting my first photos done and then was asked to do a photoshoot for a layout in Defiance Magazine.  I was hooked after that - it was so much fun.

Naught-  If you had to choose your favorite image you've done in porn, what would it be and why?

Debi- Oh wow.....that's a tough one, because I love all of the photos that have been taken...and I have been very fortunate, early on, to work with some of the best photographers in SL. What's really special about all of them is how they have shown such different visions of the same body...I just love being part of their art.

Naught- Who have been your greatest influences in SL?


Debi- Again...very tough to single out one, when I've had the privilege to work with so many great photographers - there's a little bit of all of them.

Naught-  Have you ever considered doing photography?  
Debi- I've tried to take some photos, here and there...all selfies *grin*.  But at this point, I much prefer to be in front of the camera, and letting the photographers make me a part of their artistic vision.

Naught- As a model, do you prefer doing solo erotic photos, or in sexual poses with others, and why?

Debi- Actually, I like doing both...there's something about "being the art" that I love about the solo work.  There's the rush of raw sexuality that you get doing a shoot with others...it can be quite arousing.

Naught-  Is there anything you would like to do in SL that you haven't yet?
Debi- I would love to keep progressing with my modeling, perhaps to include movies (I think that would be fun).  I know I've still got a lot to learn, and I have to pay my dues to earn those kind of opportunities, but I am hoping someday...

Naught-  Thank you for taking time to meet with me, it was a pleasure to finally have time to chat with you Debi!
Debi-  The pleasure has been all mine, and thank you for having me.