February 2018 Man of the Month, Enki

This month we feature Enki, aka Pulsar Grut.  I've known him for quite a while.  He's a sweet person to work with, a very talented photographer, and has a unique avatar.  Read all about him here...

Kay-  Hi Enki!  I"m so glad you could meet me and finally be our Man of the Month!
Enki- I'm so happy you called me..I feel so honored, I thank you as well..

Kay-  I know you from a film we nearly completed, but we never chatted much about your history in SL.  How did you find out about Second Life Enki?
Enki -Yes..we made" L' INCOMPIUTA " almost 1 year ago :)) it was funny..and I was pleased to have met you there. My history is simple, I come from another MMORPG called RLC Red Light Center similar to sl ...but more sexually oriented...not many chances to do anything but dance :) It was 2007... the dawn of the mmorpgs in the web..so after a while I subscribed on sl.

Kay-  What type of places did you hang out at when you first came here?
Enki- Red Light District (smiles wide)

Kay-  How long did it take for you to find the sexual side of SL and do pornography?
Enki- I found the sexual side of Sl instantly..at the first login  :) in porno world when I subscribed in " the Sexiest " group and Flickr ..it was Sept. 2016 and I was talking about SL porn world with a veteran pornstar and dear friend,  Kim Strawberry (xXFreakMagnetXx Resident) ..and she suggested to me what to do! *waving at Kim*

Kay-  You have a great personality Enki, how much of the real life you is your Enki avatar?
Enki- You are too kind Kay....well now I am almost 48...my Enki could be almost me when I was 27..to be true I never thought to replicate myself in this world.. I'm a sort of shapeshifter... I love to create characters and avies..

Kay-  What are your favorite sims to go when you come inworld?
Enki- My home! ;)

Kay-  You are well known here for your photography, have you always been interested in it, or did you just start doing it when you came to SL?
Enki- I always took pics of  "special moments" of my SL life  here, just sharing them with the partner.. but sharing them with more people?  Just from Sept 2016.... around the time of my Flickr subscription..

Kay-  Aside from doing porn photos, what else do you do in Second Life?
Enki- In the past I had a store of meshed crystals and 3D paints....djing also for a short time in an old club called DV8 ages ago..now I just like to hang out with friends and to meet new ones...I'm a pretty lazy Leo  ^_^ (Leo can sleep also 20 hours per day too)  

Kay-  Do you have a favorite image you've done, or a person you've worked with?

Enki- I really loved working with you Kay...  :)..how they say... it was short  ..but intense....*giggles*

Kay-  Are you working on anything specific now, or just doing shots as you have the chance to?
Enki- Not actually...recently I was called to act in a Ravi (RavaRedfield Resident)
 movie... so honored to have known her..so professional and serious director...and lovely person..cannot wait to see the result :))

Kay-  Thanks for coming over Enki, and thank you for being a part of our Second Life Confidential family!
Enki- Thanks a lot to you Kay..always a pleasure to see you!