2018 January Man of the Month, Geordie Richards

This month we feature Geordie Richards.  Geordie is the partner of the well-known photographer Laura Richards.  We wanted to spotlight Geordie, and give him a chance to open up about himself.  I finally caught up to him and invited him to our sim for a brief but informative interview....

Kay- Hi Geordie, welcome to the SLC office!
Geordie-  Well hello Kay, nice to be invited here

Kay- Do you remember how you heard about Second Life?
Geordie- Yes, I was in an MMO called Anarchy online and people were talking about this place as somewhere to come to socialize, this was way back in 2006.

Kay -When you first came into SL, what did you do here?
Geordie- Sit around clubs, meet people, and find out just what those blue balls did.

Kay -How did you get started in the SL porn/erotic area of the grid Geordie?
Geordie- I'm a real newcomer to the scene, it was only this year
my partner, Laura Richards, saw a few of the snapshots I took and said " you should get involved with the photography side of things". Having both Laura and Sev so close makes it so easy to grab two lovely models, so here I am. 

Kay -  What made you start doing photography ?
Geordie- I have been a rl photographer, I started back in the days when we used film in cameras and not digital.

Kay- If you had a specific type of photo you'd say you like to do, what would it be?
Geordie-  I love doing glamour shots, something that brings out the best in the model.

Kay- Most people have different stories about how they've evolved since joining SL, do you think you have, and if so, how?
Geordie-I used SL as a place to come and socialize.... hitting the clubs in the past. Now I'm a DJ and photographer. So instead of going to watch and listen to others be entertaining, I'm the one helping to put the entertainment on.

Kay-  Seeing as though Laura Richards is such an amazing photographer, and you work with her a great deal, has she influenced you?
Geordie- Oh most definitely, I have learned so much... from lighting techniques, to set building, and windlight settings, the list is endless, oh.. and most importantly.. patience :)

Kay-  Do you have any advice for people just starting out in photography?
Geordie- Oh yes, learn patience, it doesn't come overnight...and learn to do your own poses. It's a slow start but less frustrating than buying ones that are not quite what you had in mind for the pose.

Kay- Do you have any favorite areas of the grid you like to spend time at?
Geordie-At home sailing around the Blake sea, and going out visiting clubs with Severina and Laura.

Kay-What has been your favorite image you've taken, whether it's erotic or porn?
Geordie-The one simply called Artistic.. the lighting shadows and set just all fell into place, and I captured Laura exactly how I wanted her.   https://www.flickr.com/photos/92691117@N02/23736416138/in/dateposted-public/

Kay -Do you have any other hobbies here in the virtual world?
Geordie- Not sure if it's a hobby, but I DJ at a couple of sims and am the music guy/ announcer for Laura and Severina's dance group Debauche. 

Kay-  Who would you say was your first influence doing photography in SL? 
Geordie- Oh that's so easy,  Laura.

Kay-Everyone knows you from Laura and Severina, and working with them on the Debauche shows.  How did you get involved and how did it progress?
Geordie-   I was involved with them when we were initially part of Xaara Dancers. When Laura and Sev formed Debauche, I went with them.

Kay-If there was something you'd love to do in SL that you haven't done yet, what would it be?
Geordie- I'm not really sure if there's any thing I have a need to do, apart from that curiosity of visiting new sims, and seeing what other people create.

Kay-Thank you for being a part of the SL Confidential staff Geordie, Naught and I love seeing your work!
Geordie- My thanks for inviting me  over for this chat, its been a wonderful afternoon, and keep up the good work on the mag :)