2018 June Girl of the Month,

Mera Firelyte

This month we're thrilled to feature Mera Firelyte, our resident Neko in SLC.  Mera is sweet, sexy, and full of personality.  Get to know her through our interview here...

Naught: I'm thrilled you said yes to being our model this month!
Mera: You're welcome, I am glad to be part of this experience... In fact, I am thrilled. 

Naught:  Everyone knows you for your cat like persona Mera, why did you decide to use that?
Mera: My persona comes from way back when I started playing second life... I met a few like me and fell in love with the idea of being a cat,aka "A Neko"... Actually my SL Mom is a Neko, so I have to give credit to her for the idea too.

Naught:  Everyone has stories about what brought them to SL, how did you find out about it?
Mera: Funny thing, one of my good friends that I played another game with at the time showed me SL, and immediately I took a liking to it.

Naught:  What were your favorite places to hang out when you first came here?
Mera: When I first came to Second Life, I didn't have any particular places that I hung out at... mostly clubs and shopping areas.

Naught:  Do you still go to those places?  Where do you spend most of your SL time now on the grid?
Mera: Unfortunately the club that I used to go to no longer has the fan base that it used to have back in the past... and most of the shopping areas, I used to go too have all closed down due to at the time it was mostly system clothing... Most of the time I am either on my parcel or out shopping at clothing or shoe stores. 

Naught: How did you get into SL photography?
Mera: I guess I just had a liking of doing photography... it came naturally to me... I might not have the same details as others do, but you know what they say, "Everyone has their ways of doing things".

Naught:  What came first, SL porn or SL photos?
Mera: I would have to say SL Photos... my photos came first before I even started thinking about being in SL Porn.

Naught:  Aside from the porn work, is there other photography you like to do?
Mera: Not really, I just like doing what I do... nothing wrong with that. I know one thing, I've been taking a look on how to do photos in different scenes.

Naught:   Are there any models, male or female, you'd like to work with but haven't yet?
Mera: I have had my fair share of working with many of them, but who's to say that I haven't had my eye on Kay, or you for that matter...

Naught:  What else would you like to do in Second Life that you haven't yet Mera?
Mera: I guess the skies the limit... you never really know what you will get yourself into. There is a lot out there to explore, but as for me, I am not quite sure myself yet where the limit will take me.

Naught:  We're so glad you could talk to me today Mera, Kay and I appreciate you taking your time to chat with us :)  
Mera: *sways her tail back and forth* You're very welcome... it was nice to take the time to do this... I do appreciate it very much.