2018 june man of the month,

  GideaNinja Dagger

This month we're proud to feature Dag for our Man of the Month series.  He's a sexy model, an avid photographer, and a long time member of the SL community.  Learn all about Dag here, and view his Flickr images in the link at the bottom of the page, enjoy!!!

Kay:  Hi Dag, I"m sorry our times haven't meshed to meet at the office. 
Dag:  No problem Kay, maybe we'll meet up on another project.

Kay:  So Dag, we've heard a million (or close!) different stories about how people discovered Second Life, how did you?
Dag: I discovered it on Feb 14, oddly enough. I had some friends who pointed me in the right direction. They had remade parts of another game we all loved    still love, and I wanted to join them.

Kay:  What sims did you explore when you first came, you've been here over 11 years, SL must have changed in all that time.
Dag:  Oh wow, 11 years ago... I don't think I can recall those sims. However I did spend a lot of time at Skinny Dip Inn Beach. Its where many newcomers go.

Kay:  What types of places do you hang out at now?
Dag: I think my tastes have refined a bit, I go to fun and active places. I explore all over, I don't have a special type.

Kay:  Since you've been in SL so long, you must have seen tons of changes, any big ones come to mind?
Dag:  Mesh creation has been the MOST important I think, the creativity has definitely become more needed. More artistic sims are around now too. 

Kay:  The bodies for sure have gotten a serious upgrade!!
Dag: For sure, I've had 4 distinctive looks in all that time.

Kay:  What did you discover first on the grid, photography or porn?
Dag: I "professionally" got interested in pics first. I stumbled across a magazine that I became a quiet part of, and brought her talent to shoot in exchange to learn things about pics (and for studio use).

Kay:  Do you have any favorite places to do your photos?
Dag:  Not really, everyplace has different facets, so its hard to choose just one. 

Kay:  Your porn work, did you start out as just a model, or did you jump into the photos right away? 
Dag:  i did pics first, i tried to get into modeling, but turned out you had to know somebody who knew somebody and etc etc.  I  kinda said "Eff that" and started my own path and eventually got noticed,

Kay:  Is there anyone you haven't worked with yet that you'd like to?
Dag :Oooh, probably, lol!

Kay: Do you have any advice to new photographers?
Dag: Just go on your own pace.. don't be afraid to fail. we all sucked starting out.  There's no overnight success path.

Kay:  It's been great to talk to you Dag, I"m sorry we weren't able to catch each other with our conflicting schedules, but thanks for being a part of SLC Dag :)
Dag:  Thanks Kay, it's a great group and very pleased to be a part of it.