2018 March Girl of the Month, Kara Hawk

Kara is a close personal friend of Naught, the Publisher.  We were happy to get her back recently and working with some of the SLC staff.  He wanted to catch up with her since her return, see what fun she's been having in SL, and make sure people get to know this beauty.  Enjoy meeting Kara!!!!! 

Naught:  Welcome to the SLC office Kara!

Kara: Thanks so much, Naught! It's great to be back here. Well, I say back, but you didn't have anything like this the last time we got together for one of these.

Naught:  It's been a while since my last interview with you.

Kara: Yes, SLC was just getting started then. It's amazing how much has changed. I can definitely tell the impact Kay has had here. The two of you have assembled some amazing talent and beautiful people.

Naught: In our last interview, the readers got to know about your SL beginnings, the places you hang out in when you're online, and some of the projects you've been involved in.  Any updates since then?

Kara: Well, let's see. The biggest thing is that I've started trying to do more photography. That was something I was just starting to dabble in, then, and not really making much progress. Most of my pics have been of myself or with a close friend or two. So far, at least. I still like to go out dancing, but where kind of varies. You can often still find me at the CMNF sim though, where I'm happy to dance and chat with just about anyone who asks. :)

Naught:  Kay and I were so happy to get you officially into the family, and I see you've been working with the staff, how's that going?

Kara: Oh, it's been unbelievable. Kay is incredible and has been wonderful introducing me to people. I've worked with Tammy, Tara, Suzy, Rache, Cherish, Jimbo and Marcus already. Oh, and Kay too, of course! And I've made plans to work with several others. So that's been great!

Naught:  What changes have you noticed in the SL porn community since you started?

Kara: Well, I'm not sure if it's changed or if I'm just being exposed to different parts. Certainly Flickr seems to have really taken over in the last couple of years.I also adore the Daily pics, "Happy Ass Monday, Topless Tuesday, Fellatio Friday, Hump Day". When I was doing things a couple years ago, those were just kind of taking off. 

Naught:  Are you enjoying doing photography again?  I've seen your Flickr having lots more photos on it lately. 

Kara: Oh, I love it. My schedule still inhibits me. I really would like to start taking more pics of others. Which is a change for me. In the past, I've always been looking for people to take pics of me (and I still do!), but now I'm also very interested in seeing what I can do with others. I've always thought that the people behind the camera are the real artists. And I've learned just how correct I was on that. It's hard! I'm even more impressed now with what creative & talented people can do.

Naught:  It's great that you've had more time to do it lately, and we're looking forward to getting you involved in more projects in the future as your rl allows, especially the massage table scenario :)  Ready for my fingers? 

Kara: Yes, this interview has been rather stressful--just kidding!--I think I could do with a relaxing massage, particularly with your strong hands, Naught!

Naught: Thanks for coming over Kara, it's been wonderful catching up with you again.  I can't wait to see what else you do in SL! Time to get to that rubdown now I promised you, shall we get started?  

Kara: Well, I don't know what else I will do yet. I know that being both in front and behind the camera is greater than I ever thought it could be, and I have you and Kay to thank for that. My 10th rezz day is coming up in just a couple weeks, and I'm still finding new and fun things to do and new and exciting people in this crazy world. But yes, this interview has been stressful! *winks* I could use that rub down!