2018 May Girl of the Month,

Zuby Gloom

This month we're proud to feature one of our most stunning, talented, and well known women in the SL porn community, Zuby Gloom.  We invited her over for a nice jacuzzi soak, and while Kay was snapping pics, Hailey came over... so we all decided to relax together.  We're thrilled Zuby is a part of the SLC family, but many have never gotten to know Zuby the way we're going to right now!

Naught-  Welcome Zuby!  I'm glad I could finally meet you in person!
Zuby-   Thanks Naught. Happy to meet you as well, and for being called for this awesome opportunity.

Naught- Lots of people discover SL in different ways, how did you find it?
Zuby-   Someone in my family was in SL, so I wanted give it a try.

Naught- What kind of places did you hang out when you came here initially?
Zuby-   At first I was just standing in an Italian sim, where I met my first friends, but then I started to explore more and found lot of great places, mostly international, and I understood how boring Italian sims are (lol). I met new people and from there really started my SL adventure.

Naught- Did you have any favorite spots you still go to?
Zuby- Not spots I visited at that time, but I have the Abbey, the club that I manage together with my partner Hailey, which is the owner. So I take this chance to invite everyone to come visit the sim and join the group. Abbey is also part of the porn scene, we host Monday and Thursday parties there. 

Naught- What came first for you in SL, porn or photography ?
Zuby- It was porn but not as model or such, just started to join the parties after I met Katina Cazalet, and from there I got into photography.

Naught- How did you get started in SL porn? 
Zuby- I was exploring and found a place called Club Erotique. Four people were hanging out there, next to a fireplace. Katina, Serenity, Jinx and Arwen. They invited me to join them. I've found myself very comfortable with Katina, we became good friends. That's how I was introduced into porn.

Naught- Everyone knows you as an amazing photographer Zuby, do you shoot in rl too?
Zuby-  Amazing photographer!!! That's not me! I just mess with my models posing them and putting windlights on them and trying to get something good.  Often I use myself so people will not complain if they end up with legs where they should have arms,  and vice versa.
I wish I would do it in RL , but no..... never tried in RL. Virtual photography is just a thing I learned here in SL.

Naught- Kay tells me women in SL porn who do photos aren't asked to model enough, do you have that issue too? 
Zuby-  I have some favorite photographers that ask me to pose now and then. I love to work with them cause I know the result will be great.  Honestly I can't complain, even if I would like more of course. 

Naught-- What has been your favorite thing to do in SL, if you had to choose?
Zuby-   Photography, obviously. 

Naught-  What else do you do in sl, any other hobbies in the grid?
Zuby-  Hanging out with friends. I love friends. and I like to DJ too, something I was doing some time ago and restarted after a long pause. Ohh ....and decorating, I so freaking love decorating!

Naught- What, or who,  has been the biggest influence on your development as a porn star?
Zuby-   Tatiana Easterwood. She is my idol. Her amazing work inspired me a lot, I would like to be at least one thousandth as good as her.

Naught- Is there anything you haven't achieved yet that you'd really like to do in Second Life?
Zuby-   Building in mesh or creating clothes. I know there are way too much clothes creators, but I would like to create my own things, the things I need for myself cause I never find what I want in SL.

Naught-  I'm so glad you came over today Zuby, it's an honor to meet you, and we're both so happy you joined the SLC group! 
Zuby-   Thanks Naught and thanks to Kay too, I'm happy to be here as well. It's a great chance for me.