2018 May Man of the month,

Sasquatch rhino

This month we feature Sasquatch Rhino, known as Sas in the porn world.  His erotic imagery is incredibly popular in Flickr and the groups he's associated with.  We get to know more about Sas, his SL history, and what drives him to do his art..... read all about him here!

Kay-  Hey Sas, welcome to the SLC office!
Sas- Hello Kay, it's a pleasure to finally be at SLC's office ! Thanks for having me. 

Kay-  It was hilarious that I had you scheduled for this, but never realized you weren't an official member!  That's what I get for assuming :)  

Sas-  Kay, actually I take that as a bigger honor,  it means you always considered me part of the team.  

Kay- How did you find out about SL Sas?
Sas- I started because of the fuss about SL, and our company thought it would be the ultimate Internet Marketing and social tool. After time passed, all of us realized what it could be, and we stayed for fun and to find friends.

Kay-  What did you do in the grid when you first came here?
Sas- After I realized that my company, Virtual Show-Room, would not have any use for SL, I started to hang in a Gorean city, stayed and role played there for a good time ... I started as Ambassador Apprentice, and ended as Master Elder of the Slaver Castle. Some time after that, I reached the top of the food chain, so I started to wander around and hit the clubs.

Kay-  What are your favorite hangout spots right now?
Sas- I used to go Teqi's a lot, before I started to work as a photographer.   Teqi was fantastic, letting me to sleep in her couches for years, finally I could find my profession as a photographer and could be there for fun only. Nowadays I explore all around SL,  and most of the time when not working in pictures I am in some friend's home. I also go to Surfers and to The Sexiest Parties.

Kay-  Looking back on your early time here, what did you enjoy?
Sas- The BDSM environment of Gorean Realms was what got my attention , not that the sexuality appealed to me as much during that time, but the relations I used to have with my slaves.  After I started to work there on real city kennels as slaver, I was more a therapist. The slaves were always coming back to city because of mistreatment by their masters, or the complete vanish of them.  Fina's Kennels was one of the most crowded places in the municipality. I really enjoyed the discussions about the master/slave relations I had there.  I will not lie, there was lots of sexual roleplay, but the fun was in trying to really understand these relations. 

Kay-  When did you find out about porn in SL?
Sas- The porn shoots started by photographing the sexual adventures in Teqi´s . If you check my older work, most of what was taken was done there.  I started to publish the shots I made in Teqi´s and people started to like them.

Kay-  What came first, photography or porn?
Sas- What came first was Margie (Margarita Blanco).  She saw my pictures and started to challenge me to make poses for her and with her.  She was very active in the community and this made my pictures more known. I had no prior photography experience at that time, and my skills were developed after.  I had a lot of things to correct and disguise, and I had no skills in photoshop, so I had to learn to tweak the windlights and correct pics using easy apps like Snapseed in my IPAD. I am lazy and wanted to edit my work while laying in bed and watching the news :)    The porn as work came after that, when I started being asked to do paid jobs for friends, and also when Marika Blaisdale invited me to work as a photographer for the magazine she used to edit. These two girls I call my grandmothers in the porn industry, I am really grateful to them . 

Kay-  Do you have any sims you prefer doing your photos in?
Sas- I like to use locations more than studios. I do a lot in Retroville, some in Surfers, and at friends places. 

Kay- You enjoy the more hard core side of porn, was that always so, or did you evolve into it?
Sas- I really think it is a natural talent, but the reason I discovered it was that most of my non hardcore or romantic pics were ignored, LOL!   I have a good eye for positions, SL avi's are not like a real person, and to make poses with them most of the time look awkward.  My efforts are using posing and angles to make the image look believable. If your brain doesn't think that image is possible, you don't get aroused instantly like when you see a real porn pic. 

Kay-- What has been the highlight of your porn career so far?
Sas- I am very honored by the Picture of the Year 2016 award given to me by SX Magazine , and also the exhibit in Mirage Gallery last year. 

Kay- What else do you do in sl, aside from your porn work and photos, any other sl hobbies?
Sas- SL photography is one of my RL hobby , so no other hobbies here, I just hang with friends a lot. 

Kay- Who inspires you in SL, any models or photographers who drive you?
Sas- The "Make me Pose series", my most well-known work that is  created from inspirations. Models come to me with their primal needs, they open to me their most hidden desires. Normally those desires are something the models came to SL to enjoy here, but they could not find a pose to do, or didn't want caught up in the type of world the fantasy entails. That's what drives me is to fulfill that need in the most naughty, exciting and beautiful ways. 

Kay- Have you got any big pieces of work lined up at the moment? If so can you tell us what's involved?
Sas- I am working in a new project to present here in SL Confidential . It will be a new series where I can match my hardcore talent with SLC classy style. I hope it can be completed and become popular.

Kay-Is there anything you haven't done in sl yet that you'd really like to do?
Sas- Cant say, but I really would like to have someway to use SL for RL impact, that was why I came inside this place, and I feel a little frustrated this didn't happen. 

Kay- Thanks for coming over Sas, and thanks for joining the SL Confidential staff!
Sas- It's my pleasure and again I want to thank everyone that follows me in Flickr, and gave my work almost 4 million views.  To be able to give all of you some enjoyment through my artwork is an honor and a enormous pleasure to me.