Ample Clarity- PrimPossible

I have been fortunate enough to persuade the founder and owner of PrimPossible, the SL famous furniture business, to be interviewed about his experiences as an entrepreneur in Second Life. A fascinating and complex man, clearly at the top of his chosen profession.

Naughtius Windstorm: “Tell me about how you got into Second Life and then the furniture business?”

Ample Clarity: “So at my college, they taught classes on content creation for second life and though I never took these classes, a few of my friends had and they told me all about it. It’s a place where you can create anything you want and sell you creations. I spent about a year and a half learning everything I could about design and the game and started making products that people wanted to buy. I didn’t make a PENNY in SL for a year and a half! It was depressing. I dedicated my life to learning everything I could. Fortunately, I met the right people at the right time and finally discovered my niche.”

Naughtius Windstorm: “And the design and making of furniture, is that the main thrust of what you do?”

Ample Clarity: “I have also built a very profitable RL business designing websites and apps…You can say I am running a few things actually. I have teamed up with a few creators and have a few assistants help me out with all the tedious work it takes to make these products….There’s a reason nobody else has 1,000 plants in a pot. We have the luxury of time. All of our scripts are proprietary. They run off our RL server. The importance is this is that there are no script memory limits. There’s a reason why most furniture only offers a few textures (script memory limits) ….and only a few hundred animations max (script memory limits)”

Naughtius Windstorm: “That’s a nice position to be in for sure. So what have been the highlights of your time in SL so far?”

Ample Clarity: “I guess my life became much easier once I found the right help …..the only way I was going to make a bed with 3,200 animations or a plant with 1000 textures was if I had lots of people helping me out.”

Naughtius Windstorm: “I’m sure magazine readers will want to know this next question – what proportion of the furniture you sell is adult rated, compared to the General variety?”

Ample Clarity: “Almost everything I sell comes in a PG version except the bathroom because I am kind of slacking …but I think about 75% of sales are adult – wait, maybe 60%? That’s the nature of the business for sure.”

Naughtius Windstorm: “I guess that must be standard across most SL products?”

Ample Clarity: “Most definitely.”

Naughtius Windstorm: “Thinking about what you just told me, would furniture design be better if the animations became externalized? As in folks using personal HUDs rather than incorporated into the object itself?”

Ample Clarity: “My focus is never on the animations. I oversee everything and express my vision and look at the notecards and buy the animations but I am not adjusting them or organizing the menus. My business partners do that. I am more focused on the scripts , textures ,. and design. All furniture in SL functions the same way using the same kind of code. The only way to make it load faster is if the in world scripts don’t have to cache the pose data (coordinates)…That is why I had developed ‘phPose‘….The pose data is stored on our RL server. And the best part is about any of our scripts, we can make changes to every piece of furniture from our server and everyone gets the update instantly. So if we release a product with 100 animations, we can add 1000 animations later without ever having to give someone a new piece of furniture. We can add shapes to our beds and living rooms and hot tubs instantly We do it all the time. We can add features as well. We can, if we want, later on add glow options, or specularity, or bump map, or textures, etc”

Naughtius Windstorm: “I think I understand (yeah, as if…) so the difference made by personal HUD wouldn’t give you more flexibility?”

Ample Clarity: “The HUD wouldn’t be any different. It would just give you a menu with more than 11 characters per button”

Naughtius Windstorm: “I’m fascinated by the complexities of your craft – it’s truly breathtaking. What products have you got on the drawing board as design concepts, that we might look forward to seeing soon?”

Ample Clarity: “On display in the entrance of our store you can see a coming soon sign with a textured 3D model of a closet with tons of accessories….as well as a new mesh indoor/outdoor sofa. I think both will be released in the next few days. I am finished with my part of both projects so it’s up to my assistants to finish up the animations. I am also currently working on a gentleman’s desk and a bookshelf with a cubby to sit on that has a couple of pillows.”

Naughtius Windstorm (looking at link provided): “That certainly looks classy – I like the club lamp on the desk, and the way that light will pool underneath once it switches on.”

Ample Clarity: “Ah yes, most definitely..”

And there we ended our conversation, well at least as far at the interview was concerned. Ample is a very busy man, catering to the needs of his many customers and colleagues. As you can see from the images below his attention to the detail of his business is found in the quality of the product. Go visit the store or see more in SL Marketplace .