April's Man of the Month, Logan O'Leary

I've known Logan for what seems as long as we've had SLC.  Logan is one of those guys who loves to joke around and make people laugh.  His sexy body, his flirtatious manner, and his personality make him a valuable member of SLC, and why we picked him as a man for you to get to know!   *Many thanks to Darkangel, Logan's partner, for supplying the non interview pics :)  

Kay-  Hi Logan, welcome to the SLC office!
Logan-  Hi Kay :) 

Kay-  I'm glad I caught up with you, our sl times are so different :) 
Logan- True, I'm on mostly weekdays during the day. 

Kay- How did you discover Second Life Logan?
Logan- Oh my.....a friend from MIRC server told me about it, I used to rp a lot.

Kay-  Where did you spend your time when you first into the grid?
Logan- Honestly I don't remember, lol... probably clubs. 

Kay-  What are your favorite hangout spots right now?
Logan- Surfers Beach, RoseWould mainly, I love beaches. 

Kay-  Did you get into any trouble when you first started SL? ;)
Logan- LOL, ummm... well depends what your idea of trouble is? I used to play and work at a sim called Jungle Lust , so I'm sure you can figure that out. 

Kay-  What made you want to get into pornography?
Logan- I heard about it, and thought what a great way to meet hot women and constantly improve my avatar. 

Kay-  Do you have any sims you prefer doing your porn photos in?
Logan- Mostly at home honestly, I have a great set up and furniture. 

Kay- In your profile, it mentions you being an escort/dancer, how did you get involved in that?
Logan- Oh was ages ago, I was looking for a way to make some Lindens, I danced more then anything, only escorted a handful of times. 

Kay-- What has been the highlight of your porn career so far?
Logan- Hmm good question, I'd say meeting all the great people and photographers in the community. 

Kay- What else do you do in sl, aside from your porn work and photos, any other sl hobbies?
Logan- RP when I can...I love playing out the Werewolf/Lycan Viking image of my avatar. I also love chilling on a great beach listening to the sound effects, and the odd night out dancing. 

Kay- Who has been your biggest influence in your SL life?
Logan- Honestly my wife Darkangel, and also seeing great photography makes me want to improve all the time.

Kay- Have you got any big pieces of work lined up at the moment? If so can you tell us what's involved?
Logan- Not really, I have several models I'm supposed to shoot and I do want continue my Viking themed story photos. 

Kay-Is there anything you haven't achieved in sl yet that you'd really like to do?
Logan- Hmm actually if I could find or create a kick ass rp sim based on White Wolf rpg games that is NOT Bloodlines I'd really enjoy that. 

Kay- Thanks for taking the time to talk to me Logan, thanks for being a part of the SL Confidential family!
Logan- Always, I hope to have more time in the future and focus on our community and the models in this magazine.