Cream Release

Cream Release may be tiny, but as my old grandmother used to say they don’t make diamonds as big as bricks. She’s a fizzing, crackling bundle of raw enthusiasm and energy and when you first meet her the prospect is more than a little daunting. I had her in my list of ’must do’ interview subjects and was delighted when she accepted the invitation. Still, when she showed up on time at my beach house I was nervous as a kitten. “Pull yourself together man!” I urged myself silently: time for my opening question.

“How did you find out about Second Life?” I managed to croak. Cream Release smiled at me warmly, I guess she must deal with nervous interviewers on a regular basis so is used to idiots like me. And so our interview began in earnest:

Cream Release: A Real Life friend of mine told me about it. At the time I was in World of Warcraft a lot and starting to burn out on it. So I popped over and have been here on and off ever since.

Naughtius Windstorm: That’s intriguing – so it wasn’t the sexual side that caught your attention at first. When did you learn about that side of SL and how did you first encounter it?

Cream Release: Within a day. Pretty sure someone in the noob area was like “a/s/l?”

To be honest, though, I’ve been around online chat rooms and MUSH/MUX games prior to that, so I knew that sexy underside was going to be there.

Naughtius Windstorm: “a/s/l?” ?? I need a translation of that I’m afraid 

Cream Release: LOL. It used to the chat room pickup line.

Cream Release: Age/Sex/Location?

Cream Release: I was a fast learner, though, and had more money than sense. I think I maxed out the Linden cap and ended up giving my friend cash in RL so she could get me more lindens.

Naughtius Windstorm: Anyway, so you came in here as a Massively Multiplayer Online Game type – how long did it take before you decided on a porn career and how did that happen?
Cream Release: Over seven years. Surprised? I started off just goofing around. Did a little Role Play. Then I turned to SL sailing for a while. I probably snuck off to play another MMO at some point, before coming back and becoming rather slutty for a while. Then I took another “sabbatical” to play Guild Wars 2 before coming back again in 2014. I got into a conversation with Partee on one of my groups and then started exploring some SL porn groups. Ran into Emily… not sure if she even remembers that encounter. I was just sitting in one of her beach chairs relaxing while web surfing. It wasn’t until I accidentally ran into another person who’s now gone from SL that I got my break. Oh! Forgot to mention that before that, earlier in the year, I had a pictorial in BUSTED, but that was like a one-time thing that didn’t give me any traction. It wasn’t until October that I really got seriously into modelling and soon after photography.

Naughtius Windstorm: Tell me more about getting the break

Cream Release: I was, again, visiting studios off of profile Picks and chanced on Obsession Studios. The owner happened to find me while I was still there looking around and we got to talking. He had me in one of his last photo sets before he retired from SL. I then had another chance encounter with a photographer who took me under his wing and taught me about SL photography. Lion Wildmist. He’s been a good mentor. Really did a lot to help me get started.

Naughtius Windstorm: So your skills extend to the taking of photographs, not just to modelling for them?

Cream Release: Absolutely. Most of what you see on my Flickr is my own work.

Naughtius Windstorm: My admiration of you is growing by the minute. So what have been the landmark events in your photography/modelling career so far? 

Cream Release: Oh, hmmm… I think the thing that galvanized me to start taking pictures was a contest for Cleavage. All you had to do was wear something sold by one of the vendors at the fair. So I found one that really showed off my boobs and went with it. I won that contest, which was a really big confidence boost. First time I put out a casting call for a photo was for my new year’s comic and that was back when I think I was still a complete unknown. People came though and we had fun. I keep sending instructions to the models to the chat channel instead. It was so embarrassing.

Naughtius Windstorm: Laughs – I guess we’ve all made that kind of chat box ‘faux pas’ at some point or other.

Cream Release: Let’s see… other landmarks. My first movie with Isa Cheviot. My first megaproduction with Emily, and almost simultaneously with Erin Cedarbridge, too. I’ve been really lucky to work with some of the biggest names in SL. It’s been truly magical.

Naughtius Windstorm: So what things are you busy with right now Cream? Any notable projects or stand out commissions?

Cream Release: At the moment, I’m the centerfold photographer for SL Connoisseur magazine. That’s been keeping me pretty busy. I’ve had a lot of RL work come up, too, so I haven’t been as active in SL, but I have a couple of series that I look to be starting soon. They ought to be fun. And I’ve got something else in mind, something of a contest, but I can’t say much about it yet.

Naughtius Windstorm: Mmmm.. dramatic tension around the last statement. And I have a copy of SL Connoisseur mag somewhere, I had no idea you were their Centrefold photographer?

Cream Release: It was pretty awesome to be invited to shoot. I always an honour to be published, wherever it may be.

Naughtius Windstorm: I understand you might not be able to say too much about the contest, but what about the “couple of series” you mentioned – what’s involved in those?
Cream Release: When I first started in porn. series were all the rage. There were quite a few ongoing ones at the time: Tatiana’s Sexy Enough, Heiko Himmel’s alphabet, Dokie Does _____, Margie’s With Friends. They still happen now, like Terri’s playing cards. I wanted to do something where I could do quickies with people. I simply work too slowly to do full length sets with everyone I want to shoot with. The idea is that you’d only take one pic, on a fairly consistent theme, and then move on. I start thinking about shoots and all of a sudden I’ll find myself looking at 4, 8, 12 pictures, and that’s when it gets too big and it ends up sitting on a back burner waiting for attention.

Naughtius Windstorm: I think I get that – pick the theme and then do a series of single “takes” that exemplify the theme?
Cream Release: Yep
Naughtius Windstorm: I’ll be looking forward to seeing the results of that.

Cream Release: I’m almost always working. Once in a while I’ll come on horny and then I’d be flat out on the prowl and not working at all. It’s like when Bruce Banner gets angry and Hulks out…except sexier.... CREAM FUCK!!!

Naughtius Windstorm: that sounds so dangerous – but I’m into extreme sports.

Cream Release winks. “I’m a terrible tease.”

That she may be dear reader, but we can always dream. Meanwhile enjoy the fruits of the Cream Release labours – I know I am!

This is Cream's sexy Flickr page... check her... I mean her WORK, out here :)