Dark Desires,

In the  Mind of Sammi

Sammi Wolfsong is our first volunteer in a new page for SLC… titled Dark Desires.  The concept around this page is to allow our staff to envision and create their deepest unfulfilled lusts and cravings.  We’ll work with our models and photographers to make the desires become real (at least in photo format, lol!).  Whether these desires are BDSM type fantasies, multi partner sex dreams, or something else, we’ll do them on a page in the magazine.  Enjoy the first in the series featuring Sammi’s desire….

It had been a long month of training with her new Mistress Goo, attending to her every need and desire that had left Sammi exhausted. When the morning came, she awoke to find a message from her Miss telling her to prepare herself for “something special” as a reward for her efforts.

Sammi sat in a soothing bath with her mind trying to imagine what her Miss had in store for her. Soon the warm water relaxed her, and her hands on her own body began to arouse her, 30 days of not being allowed to orgasm had left her on edge and burning for release.

As the time neared for Mistress Goo’s arrival, Sammi went to her place at the foot of her Miss’s chair and awaited for whatever was to come. With her mind ablaze in curiosity, her body white hot with the need for release, she tried to compose herself and find her “sub space” as her Miss had been teaching her.

Mistress Goo entered and sat in her chair where Sammi knelt, She smiled down, knowing full well what her training had done to Sammi’s mind and body. Wordlessly, she observed her newest submissive who had pleased her more than any before.

The silence was deafening as Sammi waited for Mistress Goo to say or do something to indicate her desires. So intent to her Mistress that when the door opened to the Dungeon, she felt her body tense up and jump in startled surprise. She had not seen another living being since the day she was brought there. Mistress didn’t utter a word as she walked in.

Sammi heard the heavy footsteps as Mistress Goo spoke, “Go get in your cage my pet, there are some people here to see you.” Too afraid to look around the room, she locked her eyes on the floor and gracefully rose to take her place in the cage. She heard Miss’s voice greeting the new comers to the dungeon, and then telling them that she was pleased to announce that her newest pet had earned the reward of servicing them for the rest of the evening. “Sammi, these are Masters Argo, Enki, and Geordie, please them well this night as you have pleased me, and you will be granted the release you crave.” Turning her attention back to the Masters, she said “Gentlemen,. enjoy my pet”.

Sammi heard a low growl come from behind her as Master Argo was the first to rise and approach the cage. He reached through the bars and gripped her wrists, forcing her to stand as his other hand grabbed her and inspected her body roughly through the bars. She felt her body respond to his hands as they groped her intimately, then her knees went weak. She was grateful for his hand holding her wrists above her head, keeping her held firmly in place.

Suddenly Master Argo’s hand released her wrists, but grabbed her hips pulling her to a hole in the cage. Then he thrust his shaft into her wetness and pushed it through inside her walls. Gripping her throat with his massive hand, he pulled her head back against the bars and she heard his primal growls as he took his pleasure within her. “The pet needed some cock didn’t she?” His deep voice echoed in her ears as she tried to nod her agreement, but with his hand still firmly wrapped around her neck, it rendered her unable to speak. Master Argo’s thick manhood pounded into her as her mind hazed over and soared into “subspace” euphoria. She barely noticed when he pulled himself from her and held her in place until Master Geordie stepped up to the cage for his turn.

Sammi slumped forward, gripping the bars on the other side of the cage to help hold her up, as Master Geordie clenched her hips and ran a hand over her round ass that was exposed through the hole in the cage.. He gave it a stinging slap, the sound of it echoed off the walls of the dungeon and she felt her ass turn red as he continued to spank her hard. She heard her own voice seemingly in the distance counting off the number of strokes automatically. Master Geordie slipped his long hard shaft into her dripping pussy and began to thrust inside her. Slowly he eased in, maddeningly slow, teasing her until she used the bars in her hand to push back in an attempt to envelop that which she must have. He swiftly pulled his cock from her and delivered another hard slap to her ass which brought tears to her eyes. She moaned softly as she clenched the bars while Master Geordie began to slowly stroke in and out of her as she fought the need to let her climax over take her. She knew if she came without permission, Mistress would be displeased.

Once Master Geordie unloaded his seed within her, he gave Sammi’s ass one last stinging slap, then Master Enki walked up to her aching body. She was once again roughly taken by her hips as Master Enki thrust deep inside her. His thick cock pounded hard into her and up against her tender, bruised cervix. Any sort of reserve the other two Masters might have shown her was not evident in the animal way he used her, this realization set her body aflame with need for release. Screams ripped from her throat and echoed off the walls of the Dungeon as Master Enki’s hands painfully yanked and pulled at her body and hair. She heard a deep growling laugh as if he is mocking her and knows how his brutality can push her to the point of breaking. Mentally she scrambled to find her subspace and let it envelope her, and at the same time she fought the overwhelming urge to let her juices flow and find her release. With a roar that sent a bolt of fear through her frame, Master Enki impaled one last time in to her, and she felt his massive cock throb and pump his essence inside her.

Fearing that she was about to pass out, Sammi clutched at the sides of the cage, but fell to her knees. Suddenly, the door to the cage was ripped open,, and she felt many strong hands on her body roughly gripping her and pulling her from the cage. Once outside the cage, all three Masters circled her, all holding her between them. From somewhere in the room, she heard her Mistress’s voice, soft yet husky, reach her ears. “You have pleased me well today my pet, now you may find your release, you have earned it.”

The hands holding her roughly began to invade her every orifice, pulling and twisting at her nipples, and pulled at her hair. One after another, the Masters took turns thrusting their cocks into her, bringing her to a mind- blowing climax, then another.. and another. She no longer held back, and she just let her body respond… she exploded and rode the waves of ecstasy unconstrained.

Sammi felt her body lowered to the floor and propped against the cage. She tried to look up through the haze in her mind but didn’t have the energy. She sensed more than saw all three Masters standing over her. Hearing their growls, she could tell they were all close to their own releases. One after the other, they thrust their hips forward, and rained rivulets of cum down onto her face and body, covering her naked skin. Without warning, her mind slid quietly back to the place she had been seeking, the warm bliss of “subspace”….

When she awoke, Sammi had no sense of time passing… minutes, hours or days. As she slowly brought her mind back into the now, she felt Mistress Goo’s hands gently stroking her and whispering words of praise to her. Covered in the evidence of what had taken place, she limply laid against her Miss’s chair and cuddled against her, listening to her Miss’s soft words until she again drifted off to sleep.

All photos by Goo, story by Sammi with editing by Kay