Girls On Film,

starring Aria Horan

This week’s page is highlighting the great work of Aria Horan, her photos are always erotic, exciting and hot!!!!  We were finally able to get her to share her thoughts and showcase her talent with us for the magazine.  See her Flickr link at the bottom of this page, and enjoy getting a closer look at Aria here :)  

Length of time doing photos in SL: Well, I posted my first photo on Flickr May 2008 so getting close to nine years. My first photos were just ad boards for my DJ gigs and the clothing I used to make. I didn’t post anything resembling porn or ‘glamour’ until a few years later. But my career, if you can call it that, didn’t really begin to take off until I got my Lolas in late 2013, at which stage I had racked up a rather pathetic 100,000 views in 5 and a half years! Within 18 months I had reached a million views. Then I got my first mesh body mid-2015 and things just exploded: in January this year, I celebrated 5 million!

Who inspired you to start photography: This’ll sound corny – not to mention weird in the context – but it was my Dad. He was into photography, among other things, so I have been taking photos in RL as long ago as I can remember but I never had a decent camera for long until I left home – I had a few but Dad kept hocking or selling them to buy drugs. I still have that first camera, but I don’t use it and the lenses anymore – film is expensive to buy and process and digital is just so much easier. I had a few crappy digital cameras over the years before I got a decent DSLR and basically it goes where I go – you can never tell when something picworthy is going to show itself, and you’d kick yourself if you miss it. I try and incorporate my RL pictures into my SL ones; the ones I do for Happy Ass Mondays and Topless Tuesdays often use my RL pics as background. So I bring that RL photographic background, and a few semesters of photography and film studies to what I do in SL.  As far as SL porn photography goes, the initial inspiration came from the lack of interracial SL porn – that my main fetish – that was around, and the general low quality – both in a technical and aesthetic sense – of that which was. Flat, bright light, boring angles, waste of available frame space, and where the women were deliberately made to look like cheap pieces of meat, $2 hookers. I thought “FFS, even I can do better than this”. I wanted to produce hard-core interracial porn of a high technical and artistic quality, if that is not a contradiction, especially the ‘artistic’ bit.

Favorite settings (ie windlights, angles, etc): Horses for courses – whatever provides a sense of depth, drama and good skin tones and complements the shot. For my posed shots I’ll shoot maybe 30 pictures with different windlights, or tweaks on a setting, till I feel I have the look I want. As for angles, whatever it takes to show the action – and reaction – in an interesting and erotic way.

Editing tools used: Photoshop. All my pics are processed in P’shop. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the software pirates of South-East Asia for keeping me in versions of Photoshop (at $5 a copy) for 12 of the last 15 years. Sadly P’shop’s move to the Cloud means that there are no new versions hitting the streets of Thailand or Indonesia anymore but what I have is more than enough for my needs for now and the foreseeable future. So to all those sitting in a room in Silom or around Mal Ambassador with a bank of burners churning out copies of movies and software, a big thank you kiss. You are stars.

Favorite sims to take photos at: Without doubt, my home Wat Baan Paa (The Jungle House Temple) – a collision between traditional Thai temple architecture and art deco/Asian furnishings, which I use in a lot of my solo nudes, and some of my hardcore sets – and its garden and other buildings. I also have a platform about 400 metres up that I build large sets on and a photo studio in the ground floor back room of the temple, where I do small set and green screen work.  Given that all my couples (and above) series are ‘combat photography’ (live action as it happened), and thus unplanned in terms of venue, it’s really a matter of always finding new places to keep the backgrounds interesting and different, both for me as photographer/protagonist and for the viewer/s. Location is determined more on the quality of the sex furniture than the look of the place, to be honest. I mean, I take pictures of people fucking, I’m not from ‘House & Garden’. Of course, it’s always better to have a room/setting that is in some way visually interesting but I want people to focus on the bodies and what they are doing. If the décor or setting adds value to the photos, bonus.

Anyone you’d like to shoot you haven’t yet: There are more than a few people I’d like to shoot but I don’t wish to telegraph my intentions to law enforcement officials at this time.