Girls On Film,

starring Cream Release

Cream came to SLC early on during an interview with Naught.  She’s a talented photographer, beautiful model, and extremely sweet person.  We’re proud to feature her here for our Girls On Film section.  Perv… I mean, SEE, her work at her Flickr link at the bottom of this page.

Photographer Name: Cream Release

Length of time doing photos in SL: Since November 2014

Who inspired you to start photography: Lion Wildmist

Favorite settings (ie windlights, angles, etc): I’ve had pretty good luck with Euphoria settings, but I roam all over till I find a good one… or custom build one if I have the time. For angles, I go with advice I was given early on: “Shoot the angle you intended. Then, start exploring. Go around. Go high. Go low. You may find a much better one.”

Editing tools used: Photoshop

Favorite sims to take photos at: Cheeky Tiramisu Cafe & Forest, Black Basalt Beach

Anyone you’d like to shoot you haven’t yet: Tatiana Easterwood, Laura Richards