Girls On Film,

starring Kayla Bombastic

Kayla is an awesome person, funny and sweet, not to mention an excellent photographer and damn sexy woman!  Here is the page we’ve dedicated for her work please perve her at her flickr link she’s given us in her interview here.  Enjoy!!!!

Photographer Name: Kayla Bombastic

Length of time doing photos in SL: I first started in 2010, but back then it was just for blogging & advertising for the events I ran. I didn’t have a very good computer, so the pics are NOT that good. *laughs* And I was constantly changing my skin, hair color, and eyes, so you just never knew what I’d look like. I was a hot mess. LOL

Who inspired you to start photography: It wasn’t a person, it was the fact that when I came back to SL in 2014, I had a much better computer, finally! So I started playing with shadows, wind lights and effects and went from there.

Favorite settings (ie windlights, angles, etc): I don’t really have “favorites” here, I experiment with all the different wind lights and things. Though, I do seem to use Daytime Shadows a lot lately. You get the shadows but the setting is easy to edit with as well. My favorite kinds of photos to do are erotic and erotic humor. I just love making people laugh and feel sexy. *winks*

Editing tools used: I count Anypose as an editing tool because it is invaluable to me when it comes to posing, whether creating new ones or editing those already made. I also loooooooove LumiPro, which I use for lighting on almost every pic. And the last tool use is PhotoShop, which is complicated but A-mazing and so much fun!

Favorite sims to take photos at: Most of my photos are taken at my own sim with sets I create for that specific pose. I do a lot of this up at my sky area, but also down on the land, which is two parts; beach and a garden area. Anyone is welcome to come and check it out for their own photos. And if they want to rez, I’m thrilled to give them a group tag for that! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Koltorum/175/18/22

Anyone you’d like to shoot you haven’t yet: LOTS of people! *laughs* I’ve got a line of models that have contacted me, as well as others in the industry, that I am dying to get under my lens. I’m just taking my time, having fun, and working my way to them all. *wiggles*