Girls On Film,

starring Tammy Jones

This page is dedicated to our own Tammy Jones, the beauty behind the widely recognized Sci-Fi series in Flickr.  She’s a well known porn photographer, model and a good friend of ours.  We’ve attached her flickr link below so you can enjoy the variety of work Tammy posts there.

Photographer Name: Tammy Jones-Pinedo

Length of time doing photos in SL: 3 years

Who inspired you to start photography:

This really isn’t a short or an easy answer to give. There really was no inspiration at the start, more of a necessity. I had been on SL for two years and was spending much of the time alone. I was considering leaving SL but figured I would give it one more shot. I was just wandering about, sim hopping, trying to figure out what my next move was going to be when I saw a few folks with SL Porn Star amongst their groups. So I decided that maybe if I try to be a model / actress I would meet some new people and maybe breathe new life into my days here.

I put together my best look and went up to one of the people that had producer or director in his profile. I got a bit of a rude awakening about how I didn’t look anywhere near good enough to even be considered for any sort of shoot or acting gig. But he did point me towards several blogs that talked about what wannabe models need to do and how they need to look and what they should wear. I remember being not just miffed, but actually somewhat angry at what I took as a rather harsh and cold response and for a moment I thought that maybe even this was a sign for me to leave SL. But the ire he raised in me also awoke my stubbornness. There are rude people everywhere, and I wasn’t going to let this one be the one to end SL for me. I almost wish I could remember his name so that I could thank him. Almost.

I did use his advice though. I went out and tweaked how I looked a little more and then decided to look for someone that would be more open to using me as a model. It took about two weeks to find someone and then another two weeks or so before my first shoot. And then he went away on vacation… and when he returned we had a bit of falling out and he left SL. To my knowledge he has not returned. In the time he was away I started to look at his work and that of others on flickr. And I remembered reading that one way to have pictures taken of you, is to take them yourself, so i did. They are horrendous. But as bad as they are in execution, I guess the idea behind them caught the eye of some of the photographers I started to admire. And a few pulled me aside and started to give me pointers and tools to work with as well as critiqued my work. But, most of all, they gave me support.

I also met my muse very early into my career as a photographer. I ended up marrying her and she inspires me to this day.

Favorite settings (ie windlights, angles, etc):

I’m not sure it is my favourite, but I do like Phototools – No Light and a few spotlights I was gifted by Whimsical Aristocrat. Especially for my black & white photography. Angles… I will shoot from just about any angle, which is not always a good thing. But early on I think that was sort of my fallback position. Shoot at an angle no one else is, try to make it look dynamic.

Editing tools used:

PhotoShop. By no means am I an expert with it, heck I don’t think I use 1% of the programs abilities, so I need to be creative with the things I have figured out. So far so good.

Favorite sims to take photos at:

I take photos pretty much anywhere I am, but while it was still around I loved going to Black Basalt Beach.

Anyone you’d like to shoot you haven’t yet:

Donald Trump. Oh… you mean with a camera.  I don’t think there is anyone in particular. There are a few models that have posed for me in the past that I hope to shoot again. But I can’t give you names of models… I’m terrible with names. Can I just say to those models out there that like my work and have not posed for me yet… call me.