Girls On Film,

starring Zuby Gloom

Naught and Kay are pleased to showcase the talented members of SL and their great photography works.  For our premier page, we introduce you to Zuby, she’s well known in SL by most, but for those of you who don’t know her work, you’re in for a real treat!  Look for male pages titled Wild Boys, and lots more of both sexes in upcoming weeks.  Enjoy!!!

Photographer Name: Zuby Gloom

Length of time doing photos in SL: 2013

Who inspired you to start photography: Tatiana Easterwood

Favorite settings (ie windlights, angles, etc): I don’t have a favourite settings. I experiment with them till i find one that matches with the phot, the theme and the model

Editing tools used: GIMP

Favorite sims to take photos at: Elysion, my home, Sarawak. I have so many.

Anyone you’d like to shoot you haven’t yet: I have mostly photographed all the models I know personally. I look often for new faces tho.