Honey Ryder VS Quarrel

This session is a short, pictorial fantasy of what might have happened during the film Doctor No.   Kay Windstorm becomes Honey Ryder and takes on Quarrel, much to the confusion and disappointment of James Bond. Bet you weren’t expecting that, eh 007?

Honey came out of the water, the warmth of it was relaxing after a long morning.  Finding shells was her first priority, but something in the back of her mind told her she wasn't alone.

Quarrel watched Honey from a distance, tunelessly whistling “Underneath the mango tree” to himself… As she knelt in the sand, lost in her thoughts he approached, his feet making no sound…

She looked up and smiled at him, a conch shell gripped in her right hand. “Hello Quarrel, not with Mr Bond today I see?” “No Miss,” said Quarrel, smiling widely, “I’m kind of glad he’s not around…”
“Is there something I can do for you then Quarrel?” she smiled, her eyes sparkling. Quarrel looked her up and down, his eyes devouring every curve of her luscious body. “I guess so Miss Honey, why don’t we go over there where it’s shady?”

Honey laid on the warm rock, her eyes enticing him to join her.  She moved her legs slightly apart, showing Quarrel how thin the material was between her legs.  He straddled her curvy thighs, and pulled her body up to his.   Their eyes locked.... she knew she couldn't resist his wicked smile for long.

Quarrel wrapped his strong dark arms around her hips, expertly untying her top.  "Quarrel!"  Honey gasped in her sexual tease.. "What kind of girl do you think I am?"  Quarrel licked his lips slightly, studying the gleam in her eyes and her upturned smile.  "I think you are the type of woman who needs a real man, a man who can give you what you need, and when you need it, like right now!"  Honey was unable to hide her lust for him any longer, she'd been wanting Quarrel for a long time, but was waiting for him to make the first move.  They explored each other.. kissing, stroking, caressing,  before she used her fingers and lips to drive him to an almost animal state of lust. He pulled her onto his lap, her excited pussy aching to feel his length deep inside her.  Honey felt his cock enter her, the wetness of her pussy lips giving him no resistance, his shaft throbbing with every thrust of his hips, her ass jiggling under his clenched hands as he drove her down to him.  The moans and groans of their passion for each other louder and louder until they couldn't hold back any longer.

Their hips furiously pumping as Quarrel's cock erupted his cum, squirting inside her.  "FUCK!"  He thought, his cock slid partially out of her, squirting into the air before he guided it back where it belonged.  Honey didn't care, to her it was one of her deepest fantasies come true, having this sexy, strong man desire her body. She shook in her orgasm as she clenched him with her pussy walls, milking Quarrel for every drop she could get of him.   As they slowed, he brushed his fingers over her silky thighs.  Honey lifted herself, and laid next to him.  Both breathless for a minute, he knew she'd been wanting him as much as he wanted her.  Quarrel looked at Honey and said "What would you say if James saw us together right now?"  Honey took a deep breath, and said "I don't care what he would think, do you?"