Kara Hawk 

Dear readers of SL Confidential magazine, let me introduce you to Kara Hawk: believe me you’ll be so glad that I did. Anyone who has ever met Kara will quickly realise she’s someone special. It isn’t just her beauty that strikes you; it is more often her natural warmth and easy charm that beguiles the observer, be they male or female. In my case I’ve been lucky enough to observe Kara for quite some time, and I was pleased that she agreed to be interviewed by me. I wasted no time and set up a meeting with her at ‘Seductive Dreamerz’, a public (though quite intimate) resort where we could relax and talk.

Kara has been involved in modelling and film acting for a long time now. She’s had significant roles in films such as Black Magic – Episode 1, Glory Hole Girls – Volume 1 and Empire. Her modeling career is also extensive, and she never tires of being in front of a camera – especially if the holder is good at his or her job. Tentatively I take hold of Kara’s hand, invite her to the dance floor and begin the questions.

Straight away I asked her what tempted her to join SL in the first place?

She smiled and said “Wow….that’s so long ago…let me try to remember. I think I saw something about it on a tech show on TV and it looked fun. I was curious about the social aspect, and at the time they were really promoting SL as a business tool as well. I remember IBM and several other large companies had presences here.” Her saying that made me recall my early times in Second Life, and for much the same reasons as Kara.

Next I enquired as to her favourite places to be in Second Life – where did she go to relax and have some fun? She said “Places? Wow, that changes constantly, because SL is constantly changing. Right now…in no particular order, The CMNF Lounge, Hooligan’s, Bad Girls, Danika, Edelfrabrik, my home, a couple different beaches. I’ve done a lot of the touristy stuff too. All the beautiful sims, London, Rome, etc. But my favorite places are always wherever my friends are.”

I asked her if she went straight into the sex side of SL, or was she persuaded to try it? She hesitated for a moment then said “I didn’t go straight into the sex side. I explored a bit first, tried my hand at scripting and a little building – all of the standard things people used to do when they first signed up. Basically I just explored, met people…asked them what they were doing….tried to do some of the same things myself.”

The music changed as we danced, slowed right down in fact and I was forced to dance closer with her. That of itself is no bad thing, let me assure you, unless of course you’re trying to be a diligent interviewer, and you’re about to broach the subject of the art of table dancing with a hot model. I asked her (with the merest hint of panic in my voice) “Did you do any table dancing in the early days?”

She moved even closer in to me and took great delight in whispering the next words into my ear. “Well, after a little while I ended up at a strip club called Sugar Walls and it was fun…I loved the girls there and the customers. So I convinced the owner to give me a job even though I was very young. Eventually I became the General Manager and was the leading girl in tips for about a year straight.” I didn’t question her further about the ‘leading with tips’ part, I had plenty of evidence of why that should be right there in front of me. I did ask her if the stripping led directly to the modeling?

Kara said “Yes, it led to me attempting the real modeling route…the stuff that vendors use to sell their clothes and makeup. There are several academies in SL for that sort of thing. However, two things stopped me. One, it’s a lot harder than you think. Two, I had an RL situation come up about then that caused me to drop out of SL for a while. But I came back and gave it a real go, and then it led me into working in the movies.”

I asked her to tell me about things she was currently involved in? She said “Well, I just completed starring in the movie Empire by Dog Star Productions…it’s a wonderful full length movie and that was a great experience for me. Isa, the producer and director, is just absolutely amazing. I’m also currently doing an extended photo shoot series for ThomasCrown11. Although I don’t think he’s yet released any of it. It’s going to tell the story of a young naive girl who is drawn into SL, and quickly gets pulled into the seedier side of things, before being rescued by a strong dominant man. It’s kind of similar to a Story of O. I’m trying to get together with several of the photographers and producers of SL Porn, but as always, there are scheduling difficulties – still, it’s fun!”

But what about any unfulfilled ambitions – was there anything out there that she’d like to do that hasn’t already featured in her portfolio of porn modeling and acting? Kara grinned mischievously as she sensed my unease. “Unfulfilled ambitions…hmmm. Well, I’d say that I’m not yet as successful in the SL Porn world as I’d like to be. I think haven’t done a good enough job putting myself out there, but I’m working on that. I enjoy taking pictures, so maybe I’d do some of that as well, but I’m not foolish enough to think that I’m as talented as some of the people I’ve worked with. I’d like to explore just more variety. Have fun with it. Maybe something where a glamorous girl, all dressed up in an elegant ball gown ends up showing off her ‘slutty’ nature? That’s just off the top of my head. I really just enjoy being with the photographers and seeing what they come up with. I’m open to almost anything.”

My next thought was to ask about her hottest film or photo-shoots? Were there any particular ones that stood out for her? She said “I guess the two scenes I’ve done so far that stand out in my mind were both in ‘Empire’ by Isa Cheviot. I loved the scene in part 1 where my character watches her two employers have sex through the window and masturbates to it. That was really hot when we shot it and turned out even hotter in the final picture, I think. Also I loved the fantasy gang bang scene in part 2, although that was less fun to shoot. It was still fun mind, because the guys were all great and I didn’t really have to do anything.”

So then I asked her the question, the one that any red-blooded male would want me to ask, “What would you say gives you the most pleasure from doing the job – modeling or porn, or both?” Kara smiled and said “You know, I’d have to say both. Either one of them can be boring if you don’t have the right attitude about things. As the actor or model, I’m just sitting on pose-balls a lot of the time. But the people I have worked with have been so great, that they make it fun. I love seeing their vision come to life and helping to bring that out.”

Just then music stopped and the dance was over. I led Kara from the floor and thanked her for a great time doing the interview, and asked her if there was anything she’d like to ask me before we wrapped things up? She looked at me quizzically and said “Well I’m amazed you haven’t asked me the obvious question yet. In my first interview for SL PORN I think the interviewer asked me straight off if I’d fuck a director to get a job? As I said at the time…”I always thought that was sort of required…” I’d fuck the director, the director’s spouse, and some random guy off the street that the director pointed out, if that’s what it took to get the part!”

There you go… any of you budding directors out there should be ringing Kara for casting without delay. I know I would, if I were you.

Interview by Naughtius Windstorm