March Man of the month, Tour Diddy

This month's Man of the Month is Tour Diddy, known as Tour to his friends.  He's smart, sexy, and an amazing photographer.  We're proud to have him as a member of SL Confidential, learn more about Tour here....

Kay-  Hi Tour, welcome to the SLC office!
Tour- Thank you Kay, you are looking lovely today.

Kay- How did you find out about Second Life?
Tour- Google.  Was looking for something to do that was out of the ordinary, guess you could say I found it.

Kay-  Where did you hang out when you first came here Tour?
Tour-  The first place I went to?  It's cliche, but it was Skinny Dip Inn.  That's when I found out you had to pay to have a penis.  Then it was Swingles for years until my SL Mom passed away and we eventually closed the club.

Kay-  What are your favorite hangout spots right now?
Tour-  Home and Forbidden Fruit Inc Gallery is where you will find me most of the time, but I tend to visit Surfer's Bay, Bluemood Mansion and Rosewould Plantation on occasion.

Kay-  So what came first, doing SL photography,or the porn scene?
Tour- SL Photography.  I actually started out taking my own profile pictures.  Those shots got noticed; I was asked to take them for others and then to photograph weddings.  But I'm a perv, so transitioning to erotic art and porn was inevitable.   My SL family had a history in SL porn, (brother and sister), so it just seemed like a natural progression for my art.  Did I mention I'm a perv? 

Kay-  If you're in SL porn, it's pretty much a given you're a perv!  *laughs* What made you want to get into photography Tour?
Tour-  I've always enjoyed taking pictures RL and it's no different in SL.  I've created custom images / gamertags with PhotoShop for almost 20 years, so editing and creating beautiful images in SL is almost relaxing.

Kay-  Do you have any sims you prefer doing photos in?
Tour-  I have taken quite a few at Heathens Paradise and Surfer's Bay, but most of them are taken in a big box floating in a sky, :)

Kay- How did you get started in SL porn?
Tour- I started out shooting my partner Cece, (and still do), and then had the opportunity to pose and shoot others through casting calls.  The people in the community that I have worked with are so friendly that it's been a blast so far.

Kay-- What has been the highlight of your porn career so far?
Tour- The opening of Forbidden Fruit Inc (FFI) gallery.  It was so humbling to have a lot of pornies come out to our grand open to celebrate with and support us.  

Kay- What else do you do in sl, aside from your porn work and photos, any other sl hobbies?
Tour- Right now I'm focused on the FFI gallery and setting up new guest photographers and shoots.  When I'm not doing that, I'm usually lounging around or somewhere dancing with my partner.


Kay- Who has been your biggest influence in your SL life?
Tour- Suzie Koray.  My SL Mom, god rest her soul.  She adopted me and filled a void in my RL life, I miss her dearly.

Kay- Have you got any big pieces of work lined up at the moment? If so can you tell us what's involved?
Tour- I am currently working on a Ten Days of Lust Collection in honor of Valentine's Day (https://www.flickr.com/photos/145314183@N05/albums/72157690121686482), but I will begin working on the March Showing for the Gallery before this week is over.  

Kay- Is there anything you haven't achieved in sl yet that you'd really like to do?
Tour- I'd like to get into movies and eventually make my own.  Until then, my focus is on making the Gallery at FFI as good as I possibly can. 

Kay- Thanks for taking the time to talk to me Tour, I can't wait to see the work you do in the future, and we love having you as part of the SL Confidential family!
Tour- Thank you so very much for having me.  I was honored when you told me I was the Man of the Month for March.