Meet the Editor, Kay Windstorm

This month is special to me because the subject of the ‘Girl of the Month’ interview for September, and her Meet The Editor page, just happens to be the love of my life. Kay and I have been married nearly a year now and in that time she has brought me so much love and support that I can barely do justice to it. She is also my Editor-in-chief for this magazine – truly my very own Wonder Woman! Fingers crossed for me readers, I’d better not mess this one up.

Naught: Hi sweetheart, I’d say welcome to the SLC offices if you weren’t already here more than I am! 

Kay: *smiles* I love having our office for the magazine at our house makes life SO much easier, lol!!

Naught: How did you happen to stumble upon Second Life honey?

Kay: Well sweetheart, I”m a huge fan of the 80’s band Duran Duran, and I found out from their website that they started an inworld set of sims for their fans to experience and enjoy. That was back in 2011, at that time I didn’t have the computer capability to be here yet. By the time I did near the beginning of 2014, the band had mostly gotten away from the grid. The 4 sims they created are still active in SL, but not much happens there anymore.

Naught: What did you do after you discovered those sims weren’t active anymore?

Kay: I do what most people do, look for the more popular sims, and those were the adult rated ones, laugh! I went to a few nude beaches, tried stripping/escorting, then discovered modeling. The great thing about being in the porn realm of SL, my modeling training and nude dancing pretty much prepare you for doing porn. Modeling teaches you to scrutinize your looks closely, watch how your clothes fit, and watch the minute details of your style. The dancing/stripping shows you how to become more confident in yourself, flirt and enjoy the company of other people in the realm. Combine those aspects, and you have a perfect fit for being a member of the porn community!

Naught: How did you discover porn in SL?

Kay: Actually, it was while I was doing dancing/escorting, a couple of male friends mentioned the groups that were involved in it, so I figured “why not?” and signed up 

Naught: What other things do you like to do in SL, aside from being the Editor of SL Confidential, which takes up a good bit of your SL online time?

Kay: I’m a bit of a shopoholic, laughs… the Seraphim hud coaxes me off our home sim and out to look at the most up to date fashions of SL. I do find myself sim hopping sometimes to look for interesting photography venues. Since I joined SL Confidential, it’s become important to me to improve my photography skills. I want the best for our magazine Naught, the best staff, photos, and for you to be proud of the work that’s done in your name.

Naught: I was going to ask you about your SL photography, when did you start?

Kay: Actually, as most newer porn members quickly find out, getting yourself exposed in porn here can be difficult. There are very talented photographers out there in our community, but the best bet for anyone just getting started is learning how to do photographs yourself. I did some mediocre pics, both alone and with other porn members, but this hunky magazine Publisher messaged me, asked me to be one of his models, and my whole SL life changed. Knowing I was going to start doing photos for the magazine pushed me to make my photos better quality, and more professional looking. Anything to make my Publisher happy :)

Naught: What has been the highlight of your career in Second Life so far?

Kay: I say this in all honesty, meeting you. Not just getting more into the behind the scenes aspects of pornography,or working closely with many of the biggest names in porn, but the greatest part of it all has been holding your hand, and growing with you. Naught, you took a woman who’s heart had been broken repeatedly, cradled it in your hands, and healed it. You’ve shown me that love is actually possible in this world, the type of love that gives a person confidence and a renewed sense of purpose. I want to openly thank you for that my love, if it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be as happy as I am right now.

Naught: Are there any exciting projects coming up you’d like to tell our readers about?

Kay: Well, we have this new webpage we've moved SLC to, which has been a lot of work, but so worth it!  This new SL Confidential website for the magazine will allow us to be more creative in how pages are designed, and tons more space for photos!  Along with that, we do have a page named “Finger Me”….along the same lines as the “Gimme That Tongue” page we did recently. I work with you to come up with new page ideas for the magazine to keep things fresh for our readers  Of course, as always, we have occasional pages like our “Dark Desires” page, and Nosh’s “Versus” series we’ve been featuring. Our SLC staff are our greatest asset, we always welcome page ideas from them.

Naught: Do you have any RL hobbies you explore in SL?

Kay: Not really honey, I love baking, but it’s not really something that’s done in SL. I love music though, so our sim always has music playing. My favorite genres are the 70’s and 80’s, with just a few 90’s songs I can tolerate. There are many times I”m afk while parked here at our home, doing work for the magazine, and music is on in the background. I’ve always found I”m more drawn to music than television, people tease me about not being into the newest TV show fads, but honestly, music interests me much more.

Naught: I’ll bet you have a great singing voice :)

Kay: I don’t think my dogs would agree honey! *laughs*

Naught: Is there anything you’d like our readers to know about you before we end this interview and do more important non magazine things together Kay?

Kay: Really, I’m the same in person as I am in SL. I enjoy getting to know people, I’m pretty friendly most of the time, and love my work. But nowhere near as much as I love my incredible husband <3