Meet The Publisher, Naughtius Windstorm

This page is dedicated to Naught, the creator and Publisher of SL Confidential.  I wanted our readers to get to know him, so I interviewed him for the magazine.
* Full disclosure, I am married to the Publisher, so I have a weak spot for all his flirtations and those gazing eyes of his. I can't say I'll be able to keep my hands off him during the interview!

Naught walked into the office, wearing that sexy black and red suit that I love so much on him. Damnit, was he trying to rev my hormones before we even got started? He saw the look on my face and before he sat down, he pulled me close to him, and kissed me passionately as he always does when we are in the same room together. As he wrapped his muscular arms around me, he slid his fingers down my spine. I know he felt me shiver, that spot.... it's that spot Naught knows where to touch to elicit a reaction. I had to catch my breath and we broke our kiss.  I motioned him to sit, so we could get the interview rolling.

Kay: Hi there Mr, Publisher!
Naught: Well hello there Mrs Editor! You tracked me down at last I see?

Kay: Mmmmmmm, why do you always look so sexy every time I see you?
Naught: Because I’m trying to impress my gorgeous wife :)

Kay *clears my throat* OK Naught, we are gonna be professional now, at least until my hormones take over me and I molest you, but no pics of that. Well... maybe :) So, for all the readers who don't know you as well as some of us do, how did you come to join Second Life?

Naught: That’s a hell of a question and takes me back a ways - I joined Second Life after a disappointing time in a multiverse online game called ‘Red Light Center’. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the quality there but they charge to have even the most basic of access. A friend of mine tipped me off to SL being a better and initially cheaper option so I switched. I’ve been in SL for 7 or 8 years now, I love the range and scope of things you can do here and it needn’t cost a lot of money - it beats everything else hands down in my opinion.

Kay: And I am SO glad you decided to stay!

Naught: Me too babe, or I wouldn’t have met you!

*It's about this point when I get up from my office chair, walk over to Naught and smile at him. He reaches his hand out to me, and as I place my hand into his, he pulls me onto his lap. I wiggle a bit, giving his hips a feel of the curves of my ass under the tight dress I"m wearing. He brushes his long fingers up and down the back of my thighs as we continue talking.....*

Kay: How long was it from the time you started SL until you found yourself a part of the porn community?

Naught: I only got started around the porn community about 18 months ago - I’m a relative ‘newbie’ when it comes to it :)

(Damnit if I"m not tempted to show him how much of an expert he is, but I gotta get this done....)

Kay: Some people familiar with this website have seen your erotic writing of "Claudia's Dangerous Game", but may not know you've written other stuff as well. Tell us how you come up with such descriptive and suggestive language.

Naught: I think you mean my writing for Literotica website? Or maybe you mean the things that escape my lips in the throes of passion? *laughs* To be honest the two are connected, and they kind of depend on each other. I write and read erotic fiction and the power of my ‘dirty descriptions’ comes straight out of that. To make things exciting you need to capture mood and passion in the words - anything less risks sounding like reading a shopping list.

Kay: How do you think you've changed since first coming into SL?

Naught: That’s a hell of a good question. I hope I’m still as kind and easy going as I was when I first joined, but now I feel more focused on what I want to get from my time here. Previously I used to just float around looking for casual fun, mostly in a variety of sex based role play groups. Now I have a settled and loving relationship with a devastatingly beautiful and sexy magazine editor, and I publish a SL porn magazine and have great fun doing that.

Kay: Mmmmm, keeping my hormonally charged thoughts to myself!

Naught: Take my advice and don’t hold back Kay - if it feels good do it! LOL! 

Kay: *clears my throat, looking at the sexiest man in SL sitting under me, and knowing he's gonna regret saying that to me in a few minutes * What made you want to create your own online magazine honey ?

Naught: I think it was the same thing that got me into adult fiction writing - I wanted access to a type of magazine that wasn’t already out there, so I decided to make my own. When you write a story you have full control over plot and characterization, and when you publish a magazine you have control over content and pictures - well as long as your editor agrees! :p

Kay: Darling, how many times have I said “No” to you?
Naught: Mmmmm, almost one, call it none! lol

Kay: I know you respect many of the porn people you’ve met since you started in this business, who have been the most supportive of you in SL that you’d like to thank while you have the opportunity?

Naught: I’d like to thank each and every person who’s helped me build the magazine, but with a special mention to certain people. I thank Dokielicious Doobie for her guidance and support when I first thought of doing this – she was responsible for the logo idea of the fingers on lips. I’d like to thank Claudia Thorr, Cream Release, Tammy Jones-Pinedo, Kara Hawk, Kate La Femme, Nadja Sunflower and Andrea Stark who all joined in quickly and helped by doing some great work in posing and taking pictures. And then of course there’s you Kay, who not only agreed to marry me but you took the editor job and really gave the magazine a boost. It has a drive and sense of purpose now that it lacked before. I can never thank you enough for that.

Kay: Honey, our lives are intertwined, we love together, play together, and work together. We’re building a stronger foundation of our relationship this way, and I can’t be happier about that.

Naught: Me either honey. Everything I do in here now is made perfect because of you. It sounds trite to say this, but it happens to be true. I couldn’t be where I am now and as happy as I am without you there to make it happen. I love you completely.

*I smile and look into the eyes of the sexiest man I have ever seen, and have to take another deep breathe so I can calm myself before continuing..

Kay: Are there people you’d like to interview or work with posing that you haven’t yet?

Naught: Well of course there is and the list will always be growing. In the recent past I’ve managed to do work with the likes of Partee Mytilene, Isa Cheviot and Laura Demonista, all of whose work I admire greatly. There are others out there like Aria Horan, Theia Sky, Sasha Johansen, Ali Lancrae, I could go on for ages with the list of who I’d love to work alongside. So many beautiful and talented models. But I’m also looking out for new talent trying to get noticed – in that respect I’m much of the same mind as Isa Cheviot, who does great work in developing new talent.

Kay: Is there anything you’d like our readers to know while you have the chance to tell them personally sweetheart?

Naught: Yes there is honey, and the message is simple – enjoy being in Second Life. There’s no point in being here if you don’t have a great time, so remember to leave all the RL drama and bullshit at the door when you come in. Kick back, relax, and do all the things you fancy doing without any of the stress that brings them down. Oh yeah, and if you want to become a model or write some good erotic fiction get in touch with Kay Windstorm :)

Kay: Well sweetheart, it’s time we end this interview, you know what we need to be doing before we fall asleep tonight.

Naught: Damn right I do!! Now, get that sexy ass of yours up those stairs and let’s get started! 

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