November's Man of the Month, Darnell Carter

This month we feature Darnell Carter, he's a hot SLC photographer and model.  His photos are smoldering and sensual.   Enjoy getting to know Darnell in this interview, and see more of his work in his flickr page posted at the bottom of this page.

Kay- Hi Darnell, welcome to the SLC office finally!
Darnell - Thank you! Glad to be here :)

Kay- You are a hard man to track down!
Darnell- I know right? I've been busy with RL for a while, wanted to spend the summer away from SL.

Kay- How did you happen to discover Second Life?
Darnell- I honestly don't remember, I saw an ad someplace? Maybe?

Kay -What did you do here in SL in the beginning?
Darnell- I was RPing mostly, later on I started doing pictures.

Kay -How did you get started in SL porn?
Darnell- A person i knew while back told me about it, so I started modeling but that QUICKLY changed into me doing pictures.

Kay - What made you start doing photography Darnell?
Darnell- I'm a sexual person, so erotic photography fuels my sexually creative nature.

Kay- Aside from the porn photo you do, do you enjoy taking other types of photos?
Darnell- I do, I actually prefer doing pinups/solo pictures, but people seem to prefer the porn!

Kay- Do you think you've changed much here since you started in the virtual world?
Darnell- I most likely changed, not because of SL, but simply cause few years has passed and we all change with time!

Kay- What are your favorite sims to visit?
Darnell- I prefer being in my own place or visit few RP sims, not much of a clubber.

Kay-What has been your favorite image you've taken in porn?
Darnell- I think that would be one with Partee, it was my very first picture with someone else, and we had a blast while taking the picture, so she made the whole experience easier and memorable.

Kay -What else do you do in sl, aside from your porn work and photography, any other sl hobbies?
Darnell- Mostly RPing, and rest of the time i'm just hanging with friends.

Kay-  You and I did a shot a long time ago, I'll make sure to feature it here.  I love the depth you gave it :)

Kay- Do you have any people who have been your biggest influence on your development in porn?
Darnell- I'm not sure if i can single out somebody, I suppose Tatiana's work is most inspiring so far.

Kay-Have you got any big pieces of work lined up at the moment? If so can you tell us what's involved?
Darnell- I always have lots of ideas to do pictures, but I'm not sure what the next one will be.

Kay-Is there anything you haven't achieved yet that you'd really like to do?
Darnell- Probably own a club.

Kay-We are proud to have you here as a part of the SLC family Darnell, thanks for joining us!
Darnell- Anytime, was a pleasure!

See Darnell's Flickr page here... https://www.flickr.com/photos/146287200@N07/