October's Girl of the Month,

Tammy Jones

This month’s Girl Of the Month is our own Tammy Jones-Pinedo.  She’s beautiful, smart, ultra talented, and one of the first staff I asked to join the magazine.  Her work is known both in and out of the porn world, her photography series are always interesting and imaginative.  I interviewed Tammy when she first joined with us, ( see the link at the bottom of this page for another amazing read!)  and now we’re spending some time getting to drive more in depth with her, to find out all about this wonderful woman!

Naught: Hi Tammy, it’s great to see you again!
Tammy: Hey Naught!! It’s been ages, you’re looking great.

Naught: I did an interview with you over a year ago, which we will link to here for people to read as well, but most of that conversation we talked just about your photography in Second Life, I’d like to make sure everyone knows more about you. How did you come to find SL Tammy?
Tammy: I was introduced to SL by a friend of mine. I met  on another virtual world and they mentioned that I might like SL. It took a bit of cajoling, but eventually I made my way over here and I must say, despite a few rough periods, it has been my ‘home’ away from home ever since.

Naught: What did you find yourself doing when you first found this virtual world?
Tammy: Oh wow. What didn’t I do? Just kidding, I was actually quite overwhelmed at the start and I tried to find a place to fit in. I tried the whole being a pet thing for a bit, it went OK, but just wasn’t me. I also hung out at a BBC beach. Oh… uhm… I wasn’t the one doing the ‘hanging out’ that aspect of my SL life didn’t happen until much later. I also danced at a couple of different clubs. The first two years of my life here I was trying to find myself and went through numerous forms and looks. I put these together in my ‘Days of Tammy’s Past” (https://www.flickr.com/photos/124844755@N02/albums/72157648456116764) album.

Naught: How long were you here in SL before you discovered photography?
Tammy: For the longest time I didn’t know that SL photography was a thing. I took a few really bad pictures of myself for the few dancer applications that required them and I saw some really nice profile pics. But that was it. It wasn’t till I decided to try and be a model/actress that I was made aware of people taking photos and posting them on Flickr. Even then I really didn’t think I’d end up taking photos any better then the ones I had taken to that point, and definitely not ones that would lead me to start up my own Flickr account.

Naught: In our previous interview, we explored your photography life in SL, but I never did get to ask you about the specific projects, like the Science Fiction set you’ve done, how many different sets like that have you done, and which would be your favorite?
Tammy: Wow…. good question. Can I say I don’t know? I have shot a few sets of pictures that ended up in magazines, so having favorites can be difficult. As much as I loved the first Science Fiction set, I think Volume 2 will be better. I’m halfway through it at this point, and I would like to finish that before the end of 2017… but honestly, have not looked at it since I burned out a few months ago. I think part of that had to do with being behind the camera as much as I was and part had to do with the stress of moving to a new house and selling the old one. I’ve just had to step back, deal with rl, and when I feel inspired again, I’ll get back to work on my photos.  It is just such a massive project. I still need to find at least 40 models to finish it, and that in itself is making me rethink doing other projects of similar size and scope in the future.  I haven’t done sets like the Science Fiction sets before, not of that scale and none intentionally. Well…. that’s not EXACTLY true. There is a set that I started on September 27, 2015 and now has close to 1500 photos in it.  Any projects that I have right now or may have in the future are going to be the type that I can add an image to when inspiration hits.

Naught:  What types of erotic or porn photography do you enjoy doing while you’re in this virtual world Tammy?
Tammy:  I prefer erotica over hard core porn and so to that end I don’t shoot much hard core porn. That being said I always have fun shooting my ‘Home Porn’ sets. I also think my ‘The Cuck and the Captain’ set turned out really well.  My grandmother used to tell me that my eyes were bigger than my stomach. I think that applies to me and my photography projects. I have several projects that I want to do, including the ones that I mentioned in our first interview. Some projects I keep putting off because I don’t think I can do them justice. In the meantime I just shoot smaller sets with no goal or specific deadline.

Naught: What other things do you like to do while you’re on the grid here, aside from your photography and porn of course?
Tammy: When not taking pictures, I can usually be found dancing at The Chocolate Bar or wandering about looking for new locations or interesting people to shoot. Sunday afternoons I can usually be found at the Club Yana Beach Party.  I’ve become the unofficial “official” photographer of the event as I try to take at least one picture of every guest. (https://www.flickr.com/photos/124844755@N02/albums/72157659185752321) But the thing that I love the most is spending time with my friends and my SL partner of nearly 3 years, Danny.

Naught: Is there anything you’d like to explore in Second Life you haven’t gotten to do yet?
Tammy: When I started on this journey 3 years ago I had given myself a few goals, but really no expectations. Some goals I have reached, others may be out of reach but I’m okay with that. I would like to model more and I would like to be more involved in the SL porn community.  In a lot of ways I still feel like an outsider.

Naught: I can say for a fact that I’m a HUGE fan of your work Tammy, it’s always interesting, unique and visually eye catching. I never cease to be amazed at your imagination for them.
Tammy: Thank you. With the number of amazing and talented photographers in SL, I am always humbled that my contributions have garnered a fan base.

Naught: Do you have any projects you are working on right now we can let our readers know about?
Tammy: It’s not a project per se, but I find myself playing more and more with high key photography.

Naught: Thank you so much for making time to talk to me today Tammy, I want to thank you for being an early supporter of me, and the magazine, Kay and I really appreciate it.
Tammy: Thank you so much for having me. It has been an absolute pleasure to watch SL Confidential evolve since my original interview with you. I know that you and Kay put in a lot of work, I’m thrilled to contribute whenever I can.

Tammy's first interview with Naught here... https://www.slconfidential.com/tammy-jones