Tammy Jones

Tammy Jones is one of our many staff photographers and models, but she's well known in the porn circles for her creative themes and artistic works.  Enjoy reading about her first interview with Naught here...

Did I mention that I’ve been invited to join Tammy Jones-Pinedo at her gallery? Tammy is a photographer and model, a member of SL PORN and she’s agreed to be interviewed for SL Confidential. This should be interesting! I arrived on time at the gallery, it’s in my nature not to be late for an appointment – my grandmother told me once that punctuality is the politeness of kings so I try to stick with that. She (Tammy, not my Granny) welcomed me warmly to iN twenty2 Studios and asked me to ignore all the dust as it was still under construction. I asked about the project and she said ” Well, there isn’t much to show yet. The idea is to have a small sampling of my best work to show potential clients. All of my work, both good and bad, can be seen on my Flickr at https://www.flickr.com/photos/124844755@N02/. Right now, some of the images on the wall are just place holders. The space where we are standing will have a ‘teleporter’ to my studio.”

I nodded in appreciation and although Tammy clearly considered them as ‘place fillers’ I was impressed by the quality of the work on display. I told her so and she smiled brightly, which was pleasing: it’s good to have your efforts complimented after all. Changing the subject somewhat I asked her about her involvement in SL PORN? The work on display appeared to me to be general art rather than simply erotic so it needed explanation for me. She said “I think it was about 20 months ago. I was getting frustrated with SL and decided to try one last thing. And if that didn’t work, I was going to leave SL. I decided to try modeling. I ran into a photographer who gave me a dressing down. I don’t recall his name, but at the time I felt insulted by his comments about my appearance. I thought I looked good and he pointed out all the things that were wrong and the reasons he would not even consider me as someone he would want to model for him. I then spent the next few weeks trying to make myself look better.” Pointing out in gentlemanly fashion that her ‘look’ was very good, I encouraged her to continue…
“I looked for different photographers and studios and eventually found one that agreed to take me on. Sadly that didn’t work out… or maybe it was good fortune that it didn’t. While he was on vacation I started to take pictures myself and received help from a couple of other photographers (Graham Collinson and Whimsical Aristocrat) and other models. With their help I stared to evolve, both as a model and as a photographer.”

Commenting that I was glad she hadn’t quit on being in Second Life, I prompted her to describe some of her best experiences since her transformation? She smiled at me in a knowing way and for a moment I thought she might consider that question somewhat facile, but she said “There hasn’t been just one best experience. I think the best experience was in the making of new friends. The ones that put up with all my questions. And then… at some point I started to get, for lack of a better word, fans. And then about June of last year I had my first interview, followed by my first published pictorial. Which was awesome. And since then, I think I’ve had a few more highs. I got second place in Busted Magazines Halloween Contest. Then another pictorial as a photographer and finally I closed out 2015 by actually being on the cover of a magazine. My current high? I’d say the success of my Science Fiction photos.” Continuing in this vein I asked the other obvious question that goes with the line of enquiry here – what about downsides? She said “Hmm… Not really a down side, but there is a learning curve you have to negotiate. I kind of mix up my photography … and I consider myself more photographer – model, not model – photographer)… between established models and those just starting. I’m not that far removed from being a wannabe model after all. I think a lot of new models aren’t prepared for what is ahead of them. I think some see the end product, but don’t realize the work that goes into it. And I don’t mean just by the photographer after the picture is taken. I mean in world as well. And not just by the photographer, but by what the model must do. So I think that’s a bit of a down side. Not all new models are like this of course.”

I had to stop her at that point because I just couldn’t make up my mind who I was dealing with – was she a model or a photographer first and foremost? There seemed to be no definite winner in that contest so I asked her outright. “I’d love to model more, but yes I guess I am a photographer more than anything. And there are two shoots that I have been putting on hold for one reason or another. One is an idea that I had over a year ago. I didn’t do it then because I did not believe that I was capable of doing it. Even now it scares me a little, but I do hope to get it done this year. The second I hope to do in the next few months. I will be reading the readers minds while they look at the pictures.” There was just a hint of mischief in her dazzling smile that disturbed me as she told me this. Reading minds while they look at the pictures? What if she’s reading my mind while I’m asking all these questions, I mused? Ah well, I’ve not been slapped so it must’ve gone down pretty well.