Wild Boys,

Featuring Enki

This is the male version of the “Girls On Film” photography series we’re doing for the magazine, and this is Pulsar Grut (Enki).  He’s a fantastic person, talented photographer, hilarious and sweet.  If you ever get to shoot with him, RUN at the chance!!  I”m happy to call him my friend.  He’s become inspired by the talented group of Debauche dancers, so we’ve made sure you see some of their photos in here as well....

Photographer Name: EnKi (Pulsar Grut)

Length of time doing photos in SL: since Sept 2016

Who inspired you to start photography: seeing around the stuff of others photographers

Favorite settings (ie windlights, angles, etc): i try to experimenting and learning pic after pic

Editing tools used: Paint.net, some basic PS

Favorite sims to take photos at: anything goes

Anyone you’d like to shoot you haven’t yet: who is reading this NC *giggles*