Wild Boys, featuring sol

We're thrilled to feature Sol as our spotlight for this edition.  He's an extremely talented photographer, his eye for shadow and color makes one study his images closely to get their full effect.  Enjoy getting to know more about Sol here, and check out his Flickr link at the bottom of the page for more of his stunning work.  

Photographer Name:   Sol King

Length of time doing photos in SL: 13 months

Who inspired you to start photography:   Well i guess it really started looking at friends profiles, thinking i can do that maybe, so i began playing with it, found it was fun and played some more, then found i had a skill and the women loved, guess as they say the rest is history.  

Favorite settings (ie windlights, angles, etc):  Well i love to use Windlights that make the scene pop, thee right angles to show off there every beauty, to me its showing the model at there height of beauty, capturing those angles where they go ''wow''.....my main ones are in the (TOR) ranging from Night to Sunrise and Sunset, its just making that picture POP, is funny i was asked to do an erotic set that would make people touch themselves, now those are my private collection, maybe they touched themselves too much :) 

Editing tools used:  You can edit pics?....since when?....OMG.....no seriously lol......if it can be raw its what i love, using SL as it was meant to be, other than that i will work to change small parts in Windows and a few small adjustments in various free editing programs that are very useful.

Favorite sims to take photos at: Well i do appreciate the hard work the designers in SL do, by following different people i visit ones that are inspirational, some of my faves are Netherwood, Arranmore, i did love Neverfar and Surfers Bay is a great one in the community i have kind of fallen into , i do like playing myself, so a lot i take are taken at home.

Anyone you'd like to shoot you haven't yet:  After yourself Kay?....is there anyone left i haven't lol......seriously i love taking images with as many as i can, it helps me learn, listening and with practice making my images better, pretty much to me its the fun of taking pics, i think moods come out so much in the styles we use.